Charles Rossignol

CR was a highly successful French toy company established in Paris, founded by Charles Rossignol in 1868. CR produced painted and lithographed tin clockwork toys such as 'O' and 1 gauge floor trains and trolleys, trains that ran on tracks, a series of motor cars, coaches and busses, trucks, planes, robots and boats. Rossignol, along with Radiguet, were two major builders of elaborate steam engine models in France, competing with the famous German manufacturers of the era 1890-1930. CR introduced a very popular range of Paris buses in the 1920's and continued production until they ceased business in 1962.

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Comments (2)
Patrick - January 23, 2021
charles rossignol soldier
Hi, I was trying to identify this tin soldier. Someone suggested that it may be 'Charles Rossignol'. Another suggestion was 'SMJ'. I am not familiar with either and was hoping that you may be able to shed some light. At the feet, half of soldier is soldered to the base. It is supposed to be, no tab for connecting the foot to the base. The two halves of the soldier connect by tabs that are bent over. The rifle is only one sided.
Sorry, no idea... There are a few lead soldier collectors groups on Facebook, so you could try there as well. Thanks, Pat
Gyula - January 15, 2021
charles rossignol taxi
Dear Sirs,
I've found it on the Internet, not mine the toy or the picture, but I like it very much.
In your opinion what is a this kind of toy worth nowadays?
Very difficult to put a price tag on it. It really depends on state, if it's complete, etc. Just look at the prices on this page to have a rough estimate. Could be 400 to 999 EUR.