Chantilly Lane

Founded in 1979 as Pacific Balloon Co. (PBC international) in Los Angeles, California, Pacific Balloon was one of the the first latex balloon imprinters to innovate silk-screen imprinting on latex balloons. Later, PBC became Chantilly Lane, designers of musical, animated plush.

In 1988 Pacific Balloon Co. International moved their base of operations from Los Angeles to Ventura, and eventually to Oxnard, California where the firm built their design, marketing and distribution center. With the expansion of this facility, PBC also expanded our line of products, including a line of singing, animated plush animals that came to be known as the Chantilly Lane Collection.

Chantilly Lane's very first piece of singing, animated plush was Ashley, a chenille bear with a big red hat who sings 'I Will'. The amount of care that went into the design of Ashley set the standard for each piece of plush designed by the designers.

All the Chantilly Lane characters are designed and created in PBC's in-house design studio where the designers can put up to a hundred hours into the research, development and design of just one piece. Since the birth of Ashley, Chantilly Lane has created well over 200 pieces of singing and animated plush.

Updated: 28 September 2020

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Chantilly Lane value and price guide

What's your Chantilly Lane worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
pbc musical collection animated monkeys sing day o Pbc Musical Collection Animated Monkeys Sing Day O 09/2021 $129.99
chantilly lane musical bear nwt sings top of world by Chantilly Lane Musical Bear Nwt Sings Top Of World By 10/2021 $124.99
rare chantilly lane pbc cohair bride bear sings chapel Rare Chantilly Lane Pbc Cohair Bride Bear Sings Chapel 08/2021 $125.00
chantilly lane cat duet christmas cats singing plush mr Chantilly Lane Cat Duet Christmas Cats Singing Plush Mr 09/2021 $99.99
pbc chantilly lane 22 ashley chenille teddy bear doll Pbc Chantilly Lane 22 Ashley Chenille Teddy Bear Doll 09/2021 $82.99
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021$-.--

Chantilly Lane forum

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Comments (14)
Judith - August 23, 2021
I want to sincerely thank the creators of the Noah "Mom" bear! I gave my mother this bear more than 15 years ago. She loved it so much and used to play it often. My Mum and I lived in different countries. This distance was made even harder due to the Covid 19 pandemic as the last time I was able to visit my Mum was March 2020. My Mum died in July due to complications due to Covid. She had gotten her last vaccine dose 2 weeks earlier but did not have enough time to build up her immunity system and she had commodities. I went for her funeral and took Noah back home with me. Noah still works which I found to be amazing and a real testament to the quality of its craftsmanship. I will treasure this bear in memory of my beloved mother. THANK YOU!!
Laura - August 17, 2021
I have been searching for Connie the smile bear. Any idea where I can find one
Try this page, and click the flags for other international listings: Chantilly Lane Connie.
John - August 15, 2021
I have a Chantilly Lane bear (pic intl) and the music no longer plays (“I Will” by the Beatles). Changed batteries and bypassed switch with no luck. Anywhere I can get it repaired aroun Chicago but willing to mail out. Help! Thanks.
Lillian - August 2, 2021
I am trying to purchase Willie singing duck. I can’t find it anywhere. In the past I have were five of them end it was a gift that was well appreciated.I need another could you tell me where I can get one thank you
I think you mean Willie the Jumping duck that sings. You can find one here: Chantilly Lane Willie.
Yvonne - October 22, 2020
I am looking for the Chantilly lane music bear that plays I say a little prayer for you? Thank you
Difficult to find, you could have a look here: Chantilly Lane Bear Prayer.
Anita - September 28, 2020
I’m looking for an appraisal on this 1935 Chantilly Lane musical happy birthday bear
This bear is worth approx. 20 to 30 USD.
Rita - July 4, 2020
I am looking for the Chantilly Lane bear Ashley, any information on how to find one would be greatly appreciated.
I can't find one either... :-(
Luna - May 16, 2020
Hey i have a bear with the wrong label on it. It is a white bear with a red and pink hat with a red flower, and pink jacket and red mittens hanging on the shoulder. Can you tell me the name and worth?
Not sure, have a look here, maybe you can find yours: Chantilly Lane White Bear.
Kathi - April 1, 2020
Can I get a phone number for the company, I'd like to order some bears. Thanks
Hi, the company shut down I'm afraid...
Wendy - February 25, 2020
I am looking for 2 bears the Valentine bear that sings JUST WANNA BE YOUR TEDDY BEAR. And the INSPIRE bear sings you raise me up. I want them new. But cannot find only used or sold out of stock.
Maybe here on Amazon...
Jules - October 23, 2019
I have a doll that will not sing, would you be able to fix it i will pay for the service thank you
Hi, I'm afraid I don't fix these dolls, sorry!
Wendy - September 29, 2019
I am looking for chantilly bear inspire that sings you raise me up. And I want new not used. How do I order one.
Hi, I don't sell them, but I found some here on Amazon CA.
Rachael - August 20, 2019
I have a 22inch “ Julie “ bear how much is that worth singing “favourite things” with tag. I also have a mother and baby duet singing “be my baby” and a “singing in the rain” bear both without tags. Could you direct me as to where I could sell these and their worth. Thank you. I am in the united kingdom
I think the best place to sell them is eBay. Not sure about their value though, sorry. Take a look at my pages for some ideas of value.
Jana - July 7, 2019
I have several bears from before the merger without the tag along logo and sever with it. How should those be valued?
I have no idea, sorry.