CBG MIGNOT figures and soldiers

Founded in 1825, CBG Mignot continues the great tradition of the production of lead soldiers.

Each figure is cast, mounted and painstakingly hand painted, all according to old methods where the hand and the eye of the worker are still very important.

The fundamentally artisanal nature of the figures means that none of are like any other, and each of them is, in some way, an original. You always feel the hand of the worker who participated in its creation. This customization of each figurine does not detract from the historical accuracy which is one of the main principles of the workshop.

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Cbg Mignot value and price guide

What's your Cbg Mignot worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
cbg mignot depose french 75mm cannon gun artillery lead Cbg Mignot Depose French 75mm Cannon Gun Artillery Lead 09/2021 $19.99
cbg mignot napoleonic french cavalry bugler lead Cbg Mignot Napoleonic French Cavalry Bugler Lead 09/2021 $14.99
cbg mignot set 12 soldiers on parade 1870 war Cbg Mignot Set 12 Soldiers On Parade 1870 War 09/2021 $165.45
former soldiers cbg mignot 2 serbs of wwi Former Soldiers Cbg Mignot 2 Serbs Of Wwi 09/2021 $23.64
cbg mignot boxed set isembourg grenadiers c1805 post Cbg Mignot Boxed Set Isembourg Grenadiers C1805 Post 09/2021 $119.95
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021$-.--

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