Mattel's Casey dolls were produced between 1967-1971.

She had a new head mold -shared with Twiggy-, a pink complexion, blue eyes, full rooted lashes, an open closed mouth with molded painted teeth and rooted hair styled in an asymmetrical mod cut. She shared the new twist waist Francie body with the slimmer build, bendable knees and flatter feet.

Casey was available in blonde, brunette and red hair. Both Casey and Twiggy are the same size as Francie dolls, so they can all exchange clothes. Casey has less makeup than Twiggy and they both have and they both have bendable legs and the same head molds.

She can twist at the waist and has real rooted eyelashes.

Updated: 17 July 2019

Casey value and price guide

What's your 'Casey Doll' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA):

Picture Title Date sold Price
Huge Of 1966 Groovy Mod Tnt Francie 06/2019 $1 084.00
Of 1958 Mod Tnt Barbie Francie Trunk 06/2019 $486.57
Mod Twiggy Doll Mod Mod Francie Case 12 04/2019 $350.00
1966 Barbie Francie 1287 Borderline 07/2019 $306.00
Mattel Midge Francie Skippers Ken Dolls 04/2019 $231.50
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