French manufacturer of tin toys and magic lanterns from 1886 till 1917. Carette learned the making of fancy toy magic lanterns through visiting the factory of August Lapierre.

With the help of a wealthy Bavarian merchant (in hop) he founded his own toy company: Georges Carette & Co. in Nuremberg, Germany, were he was among the first to make electric toy trams.

At the outbreak of World War I, Carette left Germany for Paris. His company was seized as alien property and ceased trading in 1917.

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C 1912 Germany Large Limousine No 04/2019 $3 048.42
Complete Boxed Toy Live Steam Train Set 04/2019 $2 295.00
Early 1900s Tin Litho Wind Up Toy 04/2019 $2 000.00
Early 1900s Painted Limo Glass Rubber 04/2019 $1 250.00
1 Gauge Trolley Or Tram 05/2019 $925.00
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Thomas - April 14, 2013

I have 3 Limited edition autos in the style of George Carette. Still in the Box... Could you give me the approx. value.. if more info is required please send me a e-mail.. Thank You

Gordon - March 4, 2012

Hi there!I have the same engine, I've never seem one running. The smoke stack is missing on mine and I've never started it up. Of course one of the questions is what is its approximate value?