Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion was a half hour black and white television series about the French Foreign Legion starring Buster Crabbe in the title role. Crabbe's real life son Cullen Crabbe played the Legion mascot with cowboy sidekick Fuzzy Knight playing himself as Legion comedy relief. The series premiered on NBC on 13 February 1955 and ended its first run with the 65th episode shown on 7 December 1957. It was shown for many years in syndication on American television under the title Foreign Legionnaire.

The first season of the television show was filmed on location in French Morocco with many real life Legionnaires and their installations featuring in the show. With increased danger to the crew, the series moved to Italy. One of the producers of the show was Harry Saltzman.

The series episodes were almost like Westerns updated to French North Africa. The French Foreign Legion genre of films continued to be as popular in the 1950's as it did in the days of silents and 1930's and 1940's.

Three episodes were spliced together as a film released in the United Kingdom called Desert Outpost (1954) directed by Sam Newfield.

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