Captain Action

In 1966, Ideal Toy Co. launched a line of super hero action dolls called Captain Action in response to Hasbro's popular G.I. Joe action figure line.

The Captain Action doll came dressed with a cloth super hero costume, hat, ray gun, and sword, ready for kids to enjoy. But parents could also buy additional super hero costumes that were sold separately. Kids could take Captain Action's costume off and replace it with one of several super hero costumes based on famous comic book characters.

Also in 1966, ABC television launched a live action Batman TV series. Because of Batman's growing success in the mid '60's, a Batman costume was included in Captain Action's arsenal. This Batman costume was detailed with a horizontally striped cape as well as a black and gold chest emblem (the costume set was available with both metal and decal chest emblems). Batman's accessories included a blue Batarang, flash light, and drill which could attach to the utility belt.

In 1967, Ideal released a partner doll for Captain Action, his youthful sidekick, Action Boy. Ideal Toy's released only three costumes for Action Boy to change into, one of them being Robin, Batman's sidekick.

4 May 2019

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Comments (5)
Jim - February 14, 2020
Have a Captain Action with Capt America accessories wonder about value of this item? thanks Jim L
Hi Jim, maybe you can find some prices here: Captain Action with accessories.
Suzy - July 2, 2018
I am looking for captain action Spider-Man all parts if possible
Jon - March 11, 2018
I have capitain action in 1967 box plus Spider-Man and aquaman with all parts I want to sell them all for $300 do you know where to sell them
Well, I always recommend eBay, but if you don't want that, I'm sure there are lots of vintage action figures on Facebook. Maybe you can offer your figures on one of those.
Dave - December 11, 2012
I have a complete used captain action figure minus the pistol and a red blood stain on the sword cuz it was my toys when I was small. Maybe 70 or 80 percent condition. For sale- email me for photo. Also GI Joe boots, khaki pants
Roosevelt - January 1, 2011
Hi, am tryin' to find the new captain action that came out this fall. i dont see it or i miss it and i hav'nt been to my loca., stores yet! can someone email me of the hotest where abouts? am an old c/a fan an collector! sence 1966 i was 9. i also remember the 1967 where the two boys was playin' with the parachuett c/a. thanks alot!