Xavier Roberts is an American businessman and quilt artist, and brought the Cabbage Patch Doll to the mass market. In the late 1970s, during the American Folk art movement, Roberts learned several skills in doll making from various materials. Influenced by his mother made, he started experimenting with quilted dolls, and after much experimentation, he created doll he named "Little People". By 1982 The Little People evolved into Cabbage Patch Kids. The dolls became quickly a major toy trend. A staggering 20 million dolls were sold in 1985, and by 1999, 95 million had been bought worldwide.

Original Cabbage Patch Dolls

In 1982, with sales for the originals falling precipitously, Roberts hired Roger Schlaifer as the doll concept's exclusive licensing agent. To build the first mass-market children's brand, Schlaifer changed the name to Cabbage Patch Kids— designing the ubiquitous graphics and logo.

The plastic version of the Robert' dolls became the toy phenomenon of the eighties — with people rioting in stores to purchase the hot, new dolls — and everything else branded Cabbage Patch Kids. The original Cabbage Patch Dolls are still hand-stitched and are available exclusively from Babyland and its website. Adoption Agents administer a special Oath of Adoption ceremony for adoptive parents. Adoption fees for vintage Cabbage Patch dolls range from $170 to $375 plus tax.

While sales and other licensed products declined precipitously after the sale, the Cabbage Patch dolls have become a mainstay of the doll industry, and one of the few long-running toy brands.

Archived news article COLECO MOVES OUT OF THE CABBAGE PATCH from 1985.


Updated: 19 May 2020

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Comments (42)
Lisa - May 25, 2020
Has green signature with 1984/ has both tags or the tag no box no birth certificate but in great condition
Look here, maybe you can find yours: Cabbage Patch Yellow Hair.
Cathi - May 24, 2020
I have two cabbage patch dolls from the CPK stadium collection . One is a St.louis Cardinal doll and the other is a Chicago Cubs doll. Still in their original boxes, pretty sure they were bought back in 1981. Also have a cabbage patch doll in the astronaut space ship doll box, never been out of the box!
If you're looking for some prices, have a look here: CPK Stadium. For the astronaut, click on the link I put in a reply below in a comment from February 13.
Wendy - May 6, 2020
I have a Chet Denton cabbage patch doll. No box,not original clothes. He is up for sale.
Shaunda - April 23, 2020
I want to sell my doll Cristabel Bianca, still in the package, from 1985, but I don't know how much she is worth. Please help me? Or point me in the right direction?
No idea, sorry... Maybe have a look on this page now and then to see if yours is listed: Cabbage Patch Cristabel.
Leon - April 20, 2020
I have my moms cabbage patch doll collection ranging from 1978-1985 I need to sell becouse of financial hardship do you know anyone maybe interested
Sorry to hear this... Try selling them as a lot on eBay or maybe there are some dedicated Facebook doll collectors groups where you can sell them. Good luck and keep safe.
Cindy - April 13, 2020
I have a Vintage 1984 Cabbage Patch Stephanie Ann Porcelain Face Doll. I am having to sell things I would rather not to make ends meet. Is there any chance this particular model has any worth besides sentimentality?
Sorry to hear this... You could try here for some prices: Cabbage Patch Stephanie. Keep safe.
Jeff - April 13, 2020
I am trying to research my doll from about 37 years ago but I'm having some trouble. I believed his name was Garret but I have not been about to find ANY information about him. He's bald, still has his side tags and has a green signature on his butt. How and where can I look to gather some information on him? Thank you in advance. Jeff
Sorry, I can't find any info... Maybe there are some collectors pages on Facebook where you can try...
Toni - April 13, 2020
Hi, Just wondering if someone can suggest where I might go to get my Cabbage Patch dolls priced. Thanks, Toni
If you know the names or models you can try searching on this site for prices.
Meg - April 10, 2020
Hi Meg! Have a look around here and search for your particular doll, Maybe you can find some prices :-) Thanks for your kind words and take care.
Whitney - March 17, 2020
I want to sell a Glenna Bonnie 1985 CPK. The box is in tact but the cellophane is coming out. She has her birth certificate and all papers with her. Can you tell me what would be a good price to ask for her. She was never used.
No idea, sorry. Maybe you can find her here.
Guy - March 14, 2020
I have a 1984, Jackson Duncan, bald, blue eyed little boy, still in the box, although the box is pretty beat up, he is wearing a red and yellow outfit with a 31 on the chest. Can someone please help me?
I can't find any Jackson Duncan dolls at the moment, sorry.
Tara - March 11, 2020
hi how do i find out more about my cabbage patch? i got her about 84... black signature brown yarn hair. dimple on left, blue eyes
I don't know, I'm afraid you have to browse these dolls from 1984 to see if you can find yours.
Rheal - March 3, 2020
I have a 1983 original African female doll with black signature and yarn hair nr. 3908 with birth certificate and adoption papers in original box and she has pony tails!!
Hi, maybe you can find yours on this page: Cabbage Patch Kids African American.
Nancy - March 1, 2020
I have 2 CPK Coleco with Xavier Roberts ‘85 mark. Excellent condition for sale. No original box or papers and I am original owner. Would you have a buyer? Thanks!
Hi, the best place to sell is eBay, Craigslist or perhaps there are some dedicated Facebook pages you could try. Good luck!
Kimberly - February 25, 2020
I have a 1984 porcelain cabbage patch boy doll signed on the back of his neck by Xavier Roberts and the signature is also on his but with the date he’s in original box and a certificate and a number JNI 480 on him
Hi, I only found a few porcelain dolls here, maybe you can find yours.
Samnang - February 24, 2020
My mother in law got a 1982 cabbage patch dolls do you know where she can sell to get her money worth?
Probably eBay... Check this page: Cabbage Patch 1982 for prices so you can see if it's worth selling.
Gregory - February 23, 2020
I have a 1983 Cabbage Patch doll new in the box with the name of Joshua Barnard. I can not find any information on this doll . Can anyone help me here ?
I can't find anything on this one, maybe someone else... I'll forward any messages I get!
Myra - February 20, 2020
1983 cabbage patch preemie Allan Virgil in box with birth certicate
Melinda - February 17, 2020
Looking for collectors to purchase my vintage early. Cabbage patch kids preemies and toddlers.
I'll forward any messages I get, but eBay, Craigslist or dedicated Facebook pages might be a quicker way to sell them.
Mary - February 13, 2020
I have a Xavier Roberts 1984 and it is marked on its butt and her face is porcelain and feet also but not in box or papers with it. Also have a 1985 young cabbage patch astronaut. They belonged to my mother in-law and trying to figure out what they are worth.
Hi, for the astronaut, have a look here. For the other one I guess you have to browse through these Cabbage Patch Xavier Roberts 1984 dolls.
John - February 13, 2020
I have an African American 1984 Cabbage Patch Doll - Barnard Bart in original packaging and was inquiring on its value. The box is missing its cellophane cover.
I can't find anything on 'Barnyard Bart' I'm afraid... You could have a look here to see if you can find yours: Cabbage Patch Barnard.
Diane - February 6, 2020
Looking for collectors to buy my vintage cabbage patch dolls
I'll forward any messages I get!
Tanya - February 4, 2020
I am a collector of cabbage patch kids and have several. I just want to learn more about the value and what to look for when buying vintage. Thankyou
If you're looking for expensive ones for examples, or want to know which ones are rare, you can sort the listings to your right. Just scroll up above the listings and select 'Price highest' after 'Sort:'.
Venus - January 29, 2020
I have a 1985 still in the box Netta Ellen with glasses and adoption papers. Wondering how much she is worth?
Craig - January 28, 2020
what is KPZ 17025/30000 worth?
Patricia - January 26, 2020
I have a original signature by Xavier Roberts Preemie in her original clothes with all paper work bought in a doll store with pictures taken Ext. Does she have value?
See this page for prices: Cabbage Patch Kids Preemie.
Briana - December 8, 2019
Just found all of my cabbage patch dolls for years ago, some look brand new and are still in the clothes they came in, some on the other hand are a little dirty but still look fairly good. I have no boxes and no paper work on them. Can you tell me if any of them would be worth something before giving them all away. Thanks
You can look them up on this website using the search box on the right of this page. Some could be worth a lot, but those are rare. The most of these dolls are a few bucks. Maybe you're lucky!
Judith - November 22, 2019
Can anyone tell me the value of the Adriana Esther Cabbage Patch Kid? Thank you, Judy
Hi Judy, I can't find anything on this doll I'm afraid...
Terri - November 19, 2019
We have a 1978 brown haired, blue eyed with a Xavier Roberts signature in black. Can you tell me where I can find out the worth? Please? Terri
Around 10-30 USD.
Jen - November 7, 2019
Hi there,I just found my old cabbage patch kids. I don't have adoption papers. All three are 1978, 1982 AAO One bald blue eyed girl One brown eyed girl with brown hair in braids One light brown hair blue eyed boyhow on earth do i figure out what i should sell for? Thanks!
Just search for Cabbage Patch Kids 1978 and 1982 to see if you can dolls similar to yours.
Amy - October 25, 2019
I have a 15th anniversary 1983 cabbage patch doll in a good condition in the box. Is she worth anything??
Hi, there have been a few sold on eBay for around 30-40 USD.
Trudy - October 1, 2019
I have a orange haired green eyed cabbage patch kid 1978 1982 .green signature on soft body . good condition but no clothes.. any value?
Hi, check out this page for value: Cabbage Patch Kids Orange 1978.
Brandi - September 10, 2019
I'm trying to find out the value of my babies. How do you know? What are the different colored ink signatures? Stamps on heads? How do you find out what all this means?
Hi, you could also try to contact them directly here: Cabbage Patch Kids official contact.
Liz - September 9, 2019
I have a cabbage patch doll in a space suit in the a original box
If you're looking for prices, you can find some here: Cabbage Patch Space.
David - August 31, 2019
Reg nr. PA-1044 Cabbage patch kids. Short yellow hair. Yellow bibs. Sighned on but. 1978 - 1982. Just wondering value
Have a look here: Cabbage Patch 1044 to see if you can find yours.
Thomas - August 27, 2019
I have a signed 1978 unborn cabbage patch I believe with brown eyes. It is just the bald head and cabbage leafs. Looking to get rid of it.
Well, my best bet is eBay. There are a few for sale right now, have a look: Unborn Cabbage Patch.
Sue - June 24, 2019
My mother adopted a cabbage patch baby doll (Little People) back in 1980 named Jennifer Joy. We've looked up the dolls on EBay and we believe she may be a vintage collector's item. As hard as it is to let her go, my mother in interested in selling her. My mother has kept her in perfect condition all these years. She's appears to be one of the originals signed by Xavier Roberts back in 1978 and even her nightgown is signed by him. We have the birth certificate, family history, letters from where she was bought, letter from Babyland General, and even a birthday card for her first birthday from Xavier Roberts and the folks at Babyland General. We’re hoping someone can point us in the right direction. My mother is 81 years old and she would like to see her go to someone who would appreciate her as much as she did. Thanks so much for your help. Sue
For value, you can look on this page: Cabbage Patch signed dolls. As for selling, eBay is your best bet. But if you want to connect more with real fans, I suggest looking at this Facebook group: Cabbage Patch Kids Fans. Maybe you can find an enthusiastic collector who wants to adopt your doll.
Phil - June 23, 2019
I have a 1986 in the box unopened doll, name on the certificate is Faith Ebba, would that be of value to anyone?
Zud - March 18, 2019
Looking for value of a little people doll purchased at Babyland during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Doll has original paperwork and has never been touched. Mint
Around 25-40 USD.
Ellen - November 16, 2018
my 3 cabbage patch doll are all Original Appalachan Art 1978-1982 are they worth much?
Have a look here for some ideas.
Nany - July 27, 2018
Hello,I have 2 vintage cabbage patch dolls PMI 1985 Reg No PA-1044
They're lovely :-) Try to find the value through the 'sold listings' link in the description.
Gloria - April 18, 2018
Martha Nelson Thomas RIP, is the originator and inventor of the Cabbage patch doll, The idea grew in her brain NOT mr roberts, please be certain that material on the site is based on actual fact in regards to cabbage patch dolls thanks regards Gloria
You're right and I found an interesting article about this from 1983: 'Custody' fight over Cabbage Patch dolls