Buffalo, New York, 1924 - 1968. Specialized in lightweight pressed-steel aeronautical, automotive and carousel toys.

Many of the toys were activated by a special spiral rod connected to a spring.


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Gp - February 1, 2018

I have a Krispy Krust Plated Steel Rolling Pin. Looks brand new - how old would it be and is it worth anything?
►reply: There is one for sale on eBay right now, boxed for 25 USD.

Sammy - April 8, 2017

I have a tin toy see saw with boy and girl on each end of see saw. Buffalo Toy Company. Pull zig zag rod and as it returns in it will see saw. I think this toy is very scarce!
►reply: Difficult to find info on this one Sammy!

Brad - January 27, 2016

anybody know where I can get a race horse for a buffalo tin merry go round. small toy im missing one of the horses
►reply: Also ask toy repair shops like Randy's Toy Shop, Classic Tin Toy or maybe Tin Toy Works.

James - November 17, 2013

i have a buffalo toys and tool works .its a deluxe mangle no. 175. it appears to be a pressing machine

Sydney - March 8, 2013

I have an old fire engine pumper with 2-horses and would like to know what it is worth?

Harlan - October 8, 2012

I own a Jack-Pot-Game for fun and amusement only and I would like to know the value. It does still work made in the U.S.A. Patent #1914438. Thank you.
►reply: There were several for sale on eBay, ranging from 30 to 50 USD.

Joe - March 25, 2012

I have a buffalo toy racer- green and black trim, with the number 99 on it.Can you tella little about it, an when it was made. THANKS JOE
►reply: Could be from the 1930s, not sure. Take a look here at Googles images to find your toy, maybe you'll find more info.

Bradley - January 27, 2012

Hello. I was searching to get some information on a vintage toy that I have. It is a Tuxedo Dancing Black Man. There is a metal lever at the base that you can move, so the mans arms and legs move. I believe the toy was made by the Buffalo Toy Works, but not positive. If someone could give me some information on this piece and possibly a value, I would really appreciate it. If you need a photo or two of this awesome toy, I will be glad to send it over.Thank You!
►reply: Does it looks like this one?