Budgie Toys

Sam Morris and Mr Stone formed Morris and Stone Ltd, a wholesale toy distributor. They decided to have their own exclusive range called Morestone.

Production was mainly undertaken by Modern Products of north London (toy producers in their own right), although others involved included R. Smith (Diecastings) Ltd, partly owned by Rodney Smith, one of the founders of Lesney.

In addition to Morestone, the company also produced the 'Esso' series (with boxes to resemble petrol pumps) as a challenge to the Matchbox '1 - 75' Series, albeit these were rather crude, and larger size 'Trucks of the World'.

The name of Budgie Toys was introduced in 1959, although the initial releases were re-issues of earlier Morestone or Modern Products toys. Production remained with Modern Products even after Morris and Stone were taken over in 1961 by the toy form S. Guiterman and Co Ltd. In 1966 Guiterman failed, but Modern Products managed to continue the Budgie name, although much of the tooling was sold for scrap.

Nevertheless certain items did remain and these were produced for a company called H. Seener Ltd, specialising in the London souvenir trade.

London Routemaster bus

Perhaps the most famous Budgie Toy is of the London Routemaster bus. The original Budgie version was later distributed by Seener. Later Seener's Routemaster closely resembled the Corgi Toys version, but to a smaller, 1/76th scale. This Routemaster is now produced by Oxford Die-Cast Ltd.

Other Budgie Toys were varied and included an FX4 taxi, a Scammell Scarab, a Motorway Express coach, and a futuristic Supercar.

Updated: 19 October 2019

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Budgie value and price guide

What's your Budgie worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
budgie 296 us issue motorway express coach Budgie 296 Us Issue Motorway Express Coach 10/2021 $269.47
budgie toys no318 euclid mammoth truck Budgie Toys No318 Euclid Mammoth Truck 10/2021 $269.47
30 diecast matchbox corgi budgie lone star welly double 30 Diecast Matchbox Corgi Budgie Lone Star Welly Double 09/2021 $120.00
rare loft find a small job of budgie models x 20 some Rare Loft Find A Small Job Of Budgie Models X 20 Some 10/2021 $195.37
volkswagen pick up express deli diecast model england Volkswagen Pick Up Express Deli Diecast Model England 09/2021 $137.50
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices11/2021$-.--

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Comments (9)
Faith - July 30, 2021
What is the value of my budgie packard convertible no 4 it is the first release I believe from the late 1950s with the metal wheels and the beige colored driver in good condition reddish seats and window beige car with silver trim
I'm not sure, but you could have a look at this page with some prices: Budgie Packard.
Warren - October 16, 2019
i have the number 22 " cattle truck " can you me a price range of what it is worth ?
Have a look here, maybe you can find yours: Budgie Cattle Truck.
Todd - February 3, 2015
Came across a No.8 Volkswagen, a No.19 Rover 105 (green) and a no.14 Packard Convertible with black wheels and blue windshield. Cool toys. Reminds me of the old early Lesney cars.
Gerald - May 20, 2014
I acquired a little yellow land rover jeep with A A road service on it I was certain it had to be a matchbox toy, but I latter saw a picture of one under e bay die cast site all it had on the bottom was made in England now that I read about the budgie history I know why it is the quality of early lesney
Tom - June 3, 2013
Hi,I found a Budgie #296b BMMO Coach Washington DC/Blue Line Sightseeing Company Bus in great shape at local estate sale,Couldnt find any on Ebay.Was wondering what it is worth? Thanks Tom
Dave - December 13, 2012
Yes, Martin I have an interest. Send me an email with all of the info you have. Thanks!
I will forward your message to Martin.
Martin - August 2, 2012
I have access to the company who owns Budgie. They have a tremendious array of the original tooling and dies, boxes and models. These can still be produced. Do you have any interrest???Regards Martin
Dave - November 26, 2011
I just picked up the green squad car at an antique store near my town today. It was in a box with some other loose diecast cars. I had never heard or Budgie but I new it was English and similar to Lesney just by first glance. I bought it for $2 USD and brought it home to research it. It's in good shape, no worse than the ones you're showing that are for sale on ebay. So, there are people reading your page to gain facts about these old toys. Thanks for your time and trouble to maintain this site. It's proving interesting to read the history. Dave
Thanks for the compliment Dave :-), working many hours to add more (vintage) toy brands!
S. - November 16, 2011
I have a Budgie A.E.C. Routemaster 64 seater without a box but in great condition and want to sell it.
There are some Budgie Routemaster 64 for sale so you can get an idea what to fetch for it.