Made in Korea and Japan during the 1960s and 1970s for the American market, Bradley's line of dolls are unique on several levels.

Wire skeletons & styrofoam

Unlike most dolls, their bodies are constructed of wire skeletons surrounded by styrofoam and/or cloth, mounted on a wood or plastic base so they can be nicely displayed. They are often found with their fingers twisted into strange -and very painful looking- positions, due to the fact that each digit is wired to be articulated, although the hands are occasionally plastic or just cloth.

Also differentiating them from most other 'lady' dolls is the fact that their faces are painted on. The dresses are often elegant period pieces, with big hoop skirts and plenty of lacy frills, although their catalog includes such a wide variety of themes and ethnic styles, including a few 'mod' ones that have proven to be the most elusive and most sought after.

Oversized heads

Their most distinct feature, though, is their oversized head and eyes; not disimilar to Japan's manga (comic book) and animé (animation) art, the large eyes have secured them aplace with many collectors of 'big-eyed' art.

Although some are not labeled Bradley ('Artmark' or 'Treasure Dolls' are two other brand names they were released under), most collectors assume that they were produced in the same plants.

Updated: 9 August 2019

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Comments (4)

Mary - August 8, 2019

Hi, I have some old Bradley collectible dolls that I'm trying to find the value of. Any idea where I can find info?
►reply: Hi Mary, what you can do is, type in the search box in the right corner of this page the Bradley doll you have and search for it. Usually some prices will come up from sold auctions. Repeat with the other dolls :-)

Jackie - September 23, 2013

i have a very large bride doll about 28 inches and i have not been able to find any info she still has her tags and is in great shape
►reply: I also couldn't find info on your rather large doll. I suggest to look regularly on eBay to see if someday a similar Bradley Bride doll will popup.

Vicki - April 15, 2011

Do you Know where I can find a 9" Bradley Witch Doll?
►reply: If it is the Emerald doll, try searching for Emerald witch doll on this site.

Nikki - October 20, 2010

Do you know anything about a doll that is made in korea in 1977 by bradley? Also called a glamour doll i believe. Are they worth any thing?