Border Fine Arts was founded in 1974 in Langholm in the Esk Valley, on the border of Scotland and England – hence the company’s name. From early on, the wildlife, tractors, sheep, birds and time-honoured ways of life of the region inspired a collection of animal figurines, which, initially, were cast from bronze and silver. Soon, however, as Ray Ayres, Master Sculptor, recalls, customers were asking for figurines that were full of detail but were also painted so they were even more realistic. To satisfy this demand the firm became a pioneer of the resin cold cast making process and developed an extensive and exclusive palette of enamel paints that could recreate the subtle shades and tones of each and every subject.

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The workforce grew in leaps and bounds to keep pace with the orders that poured in. Middleholm was quickly outgrown and premises were found in the town, which in turn were expanded to accommodate demand. Border Fine Arts has now become a household name and leader in the manufacture of superb, lifelike figurines. So much so, that In 1986, Border Fine Arts was honoured to win the Scottish Business Achievement Award in recognition of the company's growth and commitment to making a quality product.

In addition to the wildlife studies and farming scenes created for the Classic Collection, Border Fine Arts now also produces a broad range of collectable figurines and accessories for its Studio Collection, and continues to develop and manufacture many famous licensed collectable brands such as Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh.

In 2006, Border Fine Arts Master Sculptor Ray Ayres celebrated his 30th year with the company, and marked the occasion by embarking on a round-Britain tour. Both he and the company have come a long way since those tentative first experiments around the kitchen table at Middleholm, but the journey has always been one of enthusiasm and discovery. As Ray himself puts it, 'I don’t feel jaded, and I put that down to a high level of job satisfaction…there are always challenging projects in the pipeline to keep me feeling fresh and enthusiastic'.

The perfect ethos, in fact, for a forward-thinking company of limitless invention, whose continued dedication to authenticity and quality of workmanship help to explain the success of Border Fine Arts.

End of an era

After being highly successful for decades, a decline in demand for traditional scenes led to the closure of the firm in 2016.

Updated: 26 November 2019

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Comments (11)
Kenneth - May 13, 2020
hi can you tell me what resin i need to fix a border fine art piece filler thanks
Sorry, no idea, but I found some info here: lakesidepottery.com.
Lilly - May 4, 2020
can someone please let me know the names of all the comic and curious cats figurines that were issued during 2016 up until they stopped production which I understand was either 2016 or 17....is that right?
I think 2016... I don't know all the names unfortunately. I do know there are some books here on Amazon UK.
Paul - April 21, 2020
hi i am looking for several border fine arts comic and curious cats 'mummy's little soldier / up up and away / winter drawers on / punch and judy / love you / spaghetti head / spotless if anybody can help or has to sell please drop me a line tried all the usual places
Some are difficult to find... also have a look here: Border Fine Arts cats.
Kevin - March 25, 2020
I’m looking to identify an owl I have had for many years. It is a large Tawny owl either landing or taking off from a tree branch covered in ivy and fungus. It is approx 12” cube . It’s wings are outstretched. Can send pictures if you need it.
Hi Kevin, have a look here, maybe you'll find yours: Border Fine Arts Owl. If not, click on other flags to search in other countries. Good luck!
Linda - March 25, 2020
I have some of the James Herriot dogs--Patch, Tricki Woo and one other dog that spilled his milk bowl whose name I can't recall. Do you have any idea how much they are currently worth? Please advise. Thank you.
Hi, take a look here: Patch. The other ones I couldn't find. You could also try: James Herriot Dogs.
Laurie - February 22, 2020
I am looking for the BFA standing Dalmatian in liver. I think they once did a piece with two Dals on it, one of each color. Have been looking for a long time. Can you help? Thanks.
Can't find anything on this one, sorry! You could try a more general search for: Dalmatian figurines to see if one pops up...
Kris - December 23, 2019
Hi there, I have a question about the 1984 era of The Black Stallion figurine from the movie done by Fred Stone. I am under the impression there is a series of 3500 pieces of porcelain and another edition of the same figurine done in a pewter. Could you confirm this for me? I don't have any info on the pewter / steel option but just wanted to know that there was indeed another option. Thank you,Kris
Hi Kris, so sorry, but I have no idea. There are two for sale right now on eBay UK: Border Fine Arts Black Stallion. One seems to be from 1987 and is one of the 3500 pieces made.
April - December 13, 2019
How much is the Cry of the Wild The howling wolf Issue nr. 98 worth
The Call of the Wild, howling wolf (limited edition of 2500) is around 40 to 60 GBP (50-65 USD).
Carol - January 29, 2013
I have a robin on a flower pot with the number 81 and a m ayres it this Ray or a brother and is it of value
There are different kinds of Robins on flower pots made, from around 1981. The piece has a value between 5 and 15 GBP.
Judith - March 24, 2012
I have several Lowell Davis figurines I would like to offer for sale, Please advise.
Take a look at this list, maybe you'll find more info about your figurines: redoakiimissouri.com
David - March 1, 2012
Maybe you should consider selling it on eBay, where lots of collectors search for items. Or Google Ray Ayres Border Fine Arts to find more info.