Bonkers! is a race-style board game produced by Winning Moves. Previous editions have been made by Parker Bros. and later by MB (Milton Bradley).

The object is to be the 1st player to score twelve points by adding instruction cards to the empty spaces in an attempt to move to several scoring stations.

bonkers game

The board consists of a 55-space looping track. Most of these spaces have an outline of a track card next to it, the cards being played throughout the game; there are also three "Score" stations (one of which doubles as the starting point), a "Lose" space, two track spaces marked "Go to Lose", and one space marked "Back 15". As the original Bonkers! was produced in the late 1970s, the board and game pieces accordingly had a disco styled text and motif.

"It's Never the Same Game Twice!"

When MB revived the game in the early 1990s, the board was made to appear as if the entire track and logo were made out of modeling clay; a few humorous caricatures of human faces (also made from clay) were placed in the logo and on the board as well.

The game was also given a fluorescent colour scheme, updated fonts, and different styled dice and pawns from the original. The 2016 Winning Moves reissue returned to the original disco motif.

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Game manual and rules

Need the bonkers game rules? Download them here (PDF).

Updated: 22 May 2019

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