Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder is a children's television character created by Keith Chapman. Bob appears as a construction contractor in a stop motion animated programme with his colleague Wendy, various neighbours and friends, and their gang of anthropomorphised work-vehicles and equipment (all made of clay). The show is broadcast in many countries, but originates from the United Kingdom where Bob is voiced by actor Neil Morrissey.

In each episode, Bob and his gang help with renovations, construction, and repairs and with other projects as needed. The show emphasizes conflict resolution, co-operation, socialization and various learning skills. Bob's catchphrase is "Can we fix it?", to which the other characters respond with "Yes we can!" This phrase is also the title of the show's theme song, which was a Comic Relief hit in the UK.

Updated: 13 October 2019

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Lisa - October 11, 2020
I have several prototypes of the cars in the poster and am looking to sell. Can you advise?
These look like Bob the Builder toys and I don't think they are rare. Have a look at the list on this page to see if you can find some of your toys.