Big Trak (not to be confused with the new edition from 2010 called 'Bigtrak') is a programmable electric vehicle created by MB (Milton Bradley) Electronics in 1979, and looks like a futuristic kind of Sci-Fi tank or utility vehicle.

"BIG TRAK's computerized Control Center - with its intricate electronic memory - can accept complex programs of up to 16 separate commands. Big Trak can go out of the room and return to you; it can maneuver around furniture. Detailed instruction booklet (with sample programs) included."

The vehicle has an optional trailer (the BigTrak Transport trailer) accessory which could be purchased separately for $13 USD (in 1979) to pull around small objects.


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Big Trak value and price guide

What's your 'Big Trak' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA):

Picture Title Date sold Price
1979 Milton Bradley Electronic Transport 05/2019 $129.99
1979 Milton Bradley And Transport Boxes 05/2019 $130.00
100 Working Milton Bradley Mb Electronic 06/2019 $124.99
100 Working Milton Bradley Mb Electronic 06/2019 $150.00
Milton Bradley Mb Electronic Toy Truck 07/2019 $79.79
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