Since the 1950s the Berenguer family of Spain has been sculpting dolls from their hometown of Castalla, Spain. Up until the early 1990s these dolls were known as Berjusa dolls.

Since then the company name has changed but the doll collection, now known as Dolls by Berenguer, is still designed by the Berenguer family.

Berjusa value and price guide

What's your 'Berjusa' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA):

Picture Title Date sold Price
Ready Or Not Tot Female Interactive Baby 06/2019 $179.00
Baby Think It Over Male Manikin Baby 07/2019 $179.00
Huge 30 1990 S Toddler The Doll Factory 05/2019 $60.00
Baby Think It Over G4 Simulator 20 Nb 05/2019 $76.49
Newborn Anatomically Correct Baby Boy 07/2019 $53.99
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Jason - January 15, 2019

Have these two dolls boxes, paid 180$ in 1988. Any idea what they are worth today?
►reply: Best is to browse eBay to look for similar or the same dolls. Also depends on state.

Mary - December 15, 2017

I have a Bermuda doll this doll is Daly, and sleeping. The body is cloth filled fill polyester and 3/4 of her arms and legs also. There is a reg. no. PA-6096 thank you so much my great niece will love this doll so I just wanted to know more about it boy or girl and value thank you so very much. Happy Holidays. Mary Beth
►reply: Does it say 'JC Dolls' on the back/neck somewhere? Then it's around 10-15 USD.

Madalena - February 1, 2013

Thank you so much for your care and i am so sorry i wrote wrong the number of item.Here it is again: 380556597094.I am still trying to buy the adorable vintage21doll,like the discription says and it's true.I have a friend that will help me because he buys lots of things on ebay and pays with paypal sistem.I will tell you when i have Janine's twin sister in my hands.So sorry for my bad english writing.Thank you again from my heart.M.S.
►reply: No problem, if you have the doll make a picture and I will post it here on my website!

Madalena - January 30, 2013

Hello,i am Madalena,i am from Portugal.Since ever love dolls,and my big love is one of your dolls.I have her for 28years.She has been always an angel,her name is Janine.Internet is very recent for me and i only have it on my mobile.2 days ago i search for Berjusa dolls and for my surprise and enormous comotionci could see for sale on the page(this one) a "twin"of my adorable Janine.I really cryed.My goal now is to buy her since the person isadvertising for sale.The unike way to pay is in paypal and i dont have an acount.Please can you help me to contact this person?i fo have the money requested but not the way to pay like the person wants.Can i have a phone number of that person?please,i really want Janine's twin sister to came to us.She will be much loved just like Janine has been all these years.The item N.is38055657094.Thank you from my heart.
►reply: I am sorry, I can't find the item with that number. The number did not return any listings.