Dolls by Berenguer

The Berenguer family name has been associated with doll design since the 1940's.

In 1944 Jose Berenguer, Salvador Berenguer's father, began a lifelong passion for designing dolls. By the 1950's Berenguer's dolls had built a solid reputation of quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed beauty. The most popular Berenguer dolls during this era were the Chelito and Pepin dolls.

Possessing the same natural talent for doll design as his father, Salvador Berenguer followed the family tradition of designing dolls. By 1967 Salvador began designing dolls and continues to do so today.

Salvador Berenguer, born in a country that has inspired many artists; Spain, comes from a family of sculptors, that have passed on between generations the gift of sculpting. With his hands he has created masterpieces that capture the essence of a child's beauty. He is an expert at re-creating the aura of innocence and purity that a real baby exudes.

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Comments (2)
Pat - April 15, 2020
I have a blonde mechanical doll sucking on a pacifier. I tried new C batteries but I'm not sure what to do next to see if it works. It's arms will move, I assume, when it is working. It has been many years since my girls played with dolls. Can you suggest anything to restore this baby's health. Oh yes, the lower part of one arm has come loose. Does it just glue back into place?
I have no idea, sorry... Maybe Google 'doll repair' and you'll find some repair shops? Good luck!
Lovely - July 29, 2013
hi, do u have the tiny little berebguer dolls ?if you do how much does it cost?
I don't sell them but you can find them here: Tiny Berenguer