Radica's Bass Fishin handheld

This game will make you think like a real fisherman!

Different gameplay

Bass Fishin' provides a variety of different lakes, weather options and wind conditions to include the clarity of the water, a 'tackle box' with 18 lure options - broken down into five types, a boat that can be moved about the selected lake, a virtual stringer that shows how many fish have been caught and their weight.

It allows you to adjust the drag which can help you to avoid breaking your line or losing your lure. You can also fish in tournament mode against the clock.

Locate fish

The game also displays a sonar map to locate fish. It also shows the depth of your lure and which lure you are using. In gameplay, the lures act as real lures would: It displays the line as it's cast, the line tension upon retrieval and it vibrates when a fish strikes your lure and throughout retrieval.

The variety and realism built into this game makes you think about water conditions, weather, position of your boat, behavior of the fish and your lure selection & retrieval techniques.

Instruction manual

Looking for the instruction manual? Download the Bass Fishin' manual (PDF).

Updated: 28 September 2021

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Bass Fishin Radica value and price guide

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