Aurora Postage Stamp Trains

Starting around 1967, Aurora Plastics Corporation started marketing Postage Stamp Trains. It was a bold entry into what would become a very active market in the new N-Scale model train market. The basic starter set took advantage of N-Scale’s small size by packaging everything necessary for a small model railroad in a book-like box. The larger starter sets were packaged in more conventional boxes.

Although they were around for only seven years, Aurora's Postage Stamp Trains left an indelible mark on the history of N Scale model railroading. Many modelers got their start in the scale with a Postage Stamp set, much the same way as their fathers or grandfathers were introduced to the hobby with Lionel.

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Aurora Postage Stamp Train value and price guide

What's your Aurora Postage Stamp Train worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
1973 aurora postage stamp train set 4721 original 1973 Aurora Postage Stamp Train Set 4721 Original... 07/2021 $120.00
n scale aurora postage stamp trains remote switch N Scale Aurora Postage Stamp Trains Remote Switch... 07/2021 $10.25
aurora plastics postage stamp trains ho gauge Aurora Plastics Postage Stamp Trains Ho Gauge... 07/2021 $2.77
n scale aurora postage stamp trains 4841 345 N Scale Aurora Postage Stamp Trains 4841 345... 06/2021 $9.00
n scale postage stamp trains no 4866 shell 50 N Scale Postage Stamp Trains No 4866 Shell 50... 06/2021 $4.99
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices07/2021$-.--

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