Auburn, Indiana, 1913 - 1968. American toy company Auburn produced toys from the 1930s till the 1960s.

Auburn made miniatures for the European and American branches of the military service such as English Palace Guards toy soldiers. Auburn also made wheeled vehicle toys and animals. Their toy division moved to Deming, New Mexico. Also known as: Double Fabric Tire Corp.

Auburn value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Sold for
Dte 10 1979 82 Hot Wheels Black Wheel 6 09/2019 $700.00
Cord Duesenberg Gt 12 Sport Car 1 10/2019 $349.00
1950 S Rubber 533 Fire Truck Engine 07/2019 $224.50
1950 S Rubber 533 Fire Truck Engine 09/2019 $249.50
Marx Battleground Timmee Others Huge Lot 08/2019 $199.99

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Liz - June 2, 2019
Looking for Auburn rubber toy set. Highway Construction set
You could regularly try this page: Auburn rubber.