Astra Pharos Ltd. manufactured metal toys from the 1930s to the 1950s, and had a rather specialised niche market in model searchlights and artillery.

The demand for model field guns increased with the advent of World War Two, and Astra produced a range of model of contemporary mobile gun emplacements - including at least one with a searchlight! The Astra gun and rocket artillery models typically included the ability to fire small projectiles, and worked with or without caps – Astra had some serious competition here with Britains Ltd. and other manufacturers.


After the First World War, ex RFC pilot Frank Weldon teamed up with Charles Freeman to form two electrical engineering companies. Motolite Dynamos Ltd of Landor Road, Askew Street, London W12 and Astra Dynamo Co. Ltd of 124, Victoria Street, London SW1, where they were both directors. Astra Dynamo Co. Ltd produced a range of Iighting sets and dynamos for motorcycles.

The box labels included the business name and address as "Astra-Pharos Limited, Landor Works, Askew Road, London W12", "Manufacturers, Patentees and Sole Distributors", "British Made Toys of Quality", "Made in London-England" and the trademark symbol of 'Astra' in a stylised diamond shape.

Updated: 12 February 2021

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