Japanese manufacturer of the Thunder Robot, originally produced in 1957.

Today, times are tough for the Asakusa toy industry. Virtually all the factories have moved to China or other low wage cost countries. The wholesalers were dealt an almost fatal blow in the early 1990s by the arrival of the American toy superstore chain Toys R Us, which started buying directly from the makers. Now makers and retailers both do business at paper-thin margins.

Asakusa value and price guide

What's your 'Asakusa' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA).

Picture Title Date Sold for
1966 Buick 15 Riviera Vista Cruiser 08/2019 $470.00
Another Restored Jewel Huge 15 Mercury 08/2019 $316.11
Blacksmith Bear 1960 S Battery Operated 10/2019 $235.00
Rare Tin Truck Friction Toy Esso 09/2019 $139.99
Rare Tin Truck Friction Toy Esso 09/2019 $99.99

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Comments (2)

Philip - April 14, 2015
I have a mint condition battery operated yellow with a black top 66 buick with lights on the fender..what is worth.

Keith - May 17, 2014
I have a "Baby Douglas" clockwork tinplate aeroplane with the trademarks ASAKURA