Armand Marseille of Sonneberg & Koppelsdorf, Thuringia, Germany was one of the worlds largest and best known bisque doll head manufacturers. Armand was born in 1856 in St. Petersburg, Russia the son of an architect, and immigrated to Germany with his family a short while after 1860. In 1884 he bought the toy factory of Mathias Lambert in Sonneberg and in 1885 acquired the porcelain factory of Lidbermann & Wegscher in Koppelsdorf and his empire in the doll world began.

From 1900-1930 it's reported Armand Marseille produced 1000 bisque doll heads a day. They made bisque headed child, baby, lady & character dolls with kid bodies and most with glass eyes but some were painted eyes, as well as bisque & composition dolls and bisque heads with cloth bodies. The doll company did not produce the body of their dolls but purchased those from other manufactures.

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Rare 400 Teen Character 12 Cabinet Doll 07/2019 $1 399.99
1925 German Bisque Just Me 8 Doll Box 06/2019 $859.00
All Original 11 In Googly Mold 323 06/2019 $650.00
Googly Larger 323 Closed Mouth Doll 06/2019 $474.99
Googly Doll 323 Side Glancing Eyes 06/2019 $480.00
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Denise - March 15, 2012

I have just inherited a Armand Marseille black doll 315/8K and would like to sell it her eyes are missing but i know my mother who passed away 4years ao at the age of 77 had the doll from a very young age.Plus some other dolls.