Created in 1993, Altaya Editions (Planeta DeAgostini) is a maker of publications and collectibles. During that time, it has launched over 360 items in 10 languages and 22 countries.

altayaIn 1999, Altaya became part of Group DeAgostini Planet, maker of the DeAgostini range of 1:43 scale military vehicles. Altaya has also been marketing partnerships with firms such as: Scalextric, Bycmo, IXO, PCT, Frontline Figures, and Games Workshop.

Military vehicles

In 2005, Altaya started series of 1/72 military vehicles (mostly tanks). These are fair to good quality, depending upon the vehicle. Some are more toy like, others are more of a collector grade. The main weakness is a lack of  "crispness" to items such as hatchlines, tools and cables. The paint schemes can be a bit odd as well. The positive is the sheer number of "obscure" vehicles being manufactured. Let's face it, it is hard to find a LeClerc, Cromwell, or Souma S35 in 1/72 diecast.

Each vehicle comes with a small 8 1/2"x11" booklet on tanks. The beginning and end are a bit generic. The middle portion deals specifically with the associated model.

Altaya collectibles

Altaya value and price guide

What's your 'Altaya' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA):

Picture Title Date sold Price
1 8 Scale Porsche Carrera Rs Deagostini 05/2019 $2 813.40
1 8 Scale James Bond Db5 Eaglemoss Full 07/2019 $1 750.56
1 8 Jaguar E Type By Deagostini 07/2019 $1 499.23
1 8 Jaguar E Type By Deagostini 04/2019 $1 625.52
1 8 Scale Nissan Gtr R35 Eaglemoss 07/2019 $1 250.40
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W.scott - June 1, 2019

I purchased some Altaya Models from you recently I understand they were sent .Unfortunately that info go erased from my computer. The models were Dodge Cornada,Renalt Torino ZX ,Peugoet 404 Wagon ,Peugoet 104 ZX . Please confirm . Just remindermodels were being sent to my sister Miss EmilyC. Whittemore
►reply: Hello, I'm afraid you didn't purchase them from me, I don't sell model cars.

Scott - May 27, 2019

You a nice of red Dodge Dart 2 door sedan Police car (68 or 69 ) Was wondering if you had a civilian version as it look like my first car?
►reply: You might find one if you look here.