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In the early 19th century, pedlars and street traders sold cheap toys carved from a single piece of wood, mainly produced by rural craftsmen or in small backstreet factories and sweatshops. In the late 19th century these toys were replaced by even cheaper toys stamped out of tinplate and die cast which were exported from Germany. Many of the toys were clockwork and were developed as a sideline of watchmaking. They were originally made in the 1830s for the amusement of adults... -> read more about vintage tin toys.

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October 11, 2017 charles ebrard wrote regarding Hubley:
"I'm owner of metal kit 26443 (ford T depot hack). The parts with numbers 62 and 78 are lacking.On the leaflet with assembly instructions..."
October 10, 2017 Neal J Collier wrote regarding Fulgurex:
"PLM C145 Purchased in 1995 No 16/60 in mint condition for insurance or sale valuation.Thank you ..."
October 10, 2017 Robert B. Ferus wrote regarding Kenner Girder Panel:
"I wish they made them now. I think they would be great to us on HO train layouts They Look to be close if not the right on scale. ..."
October 3, 2017 mark wrote regarding Pedal Car:
"Hi I have a 1923 lines bros London vauxhall for restoration if anyone is interested ..."
September 28, 2017 Marcos wrote regarding Gama-ES:
"Boa noite acabo de adquiri dois modelos de carros Gama, s..."
September 27, 2017 Zoe wrote regarding Parker Brothers:
"Hi! I'm in the uk and desperately want to get hold of the Mad Magazine Card Game (not the board game but the small game with the red divide..."