Yonezawa toys

Yonezawa is founded in the 1950's and was one of the largest and most creative of all (post-war) Japanese tin toy producers. Some of these toys were marked STS instead of Yonezawa. The origin of this STS label remains unclear, but it could be a toy importer.

Yonezawa shortly dabbled in RC toys in the mid-1980s with the Wave Hunter buggy (scale 1/10), in North America known as the Monogram Lightning.

yonezawa toysIt is uncertain what has become of Yonezawa, but some believe it is involved in the manufacturing of (industrial) electronics.

Yonezawa was a large toy maker, producing thousands of different mechanical (friction, clockwork, etc.) but also battery operated toys in all sorts of categories from the 1950's through the early 1970's.

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Randy - July 21, 2014

hi I have 1957 Ford 15 inch long blue with white top and fins .. Tin and friction drive It has a licesne plate on the rear "A-375" I got it when I was about 6 years old. Has the bumperettes front and back and chrome trim around the windows , side chrome hood and trunk ornaments, chrome as well I cannot find any info on it. Its all original with 4 hub caps and about 95 point otherwise. Has the Y with 5 point circle around it. Green tinted windows in tact Can you point me in the right direction thaks

reply: I am not an expert on this... maybe try your luck here: tinplatetoys.blogspot.com.

Jerry - March 30, 2014

I have a Yonezawa Northwest Airplane --I am wondering if there are instructions on how it works with the stop and go action door opening and closing etc.

Michael Kocbus - September 11, 2013

Once upon a time, my uncle bought me a Yonezawa jet airliner. I was playing with the airplane and my uncle said "Where are you going kid? Cuba!"

reply: Nice one, haha :-) ! And, and did you make it to Cuba?

Mirna Du Toit - December 22, 2012

Hi I have second hand Yonezawa bus?coach? Scale 1:100 code 014 .White color with Red Stripes. Number on bus/coach 10011.I would like to have an indication of a selling price in R. to collectors. Good condition not in box. Thank you

reply: At this point there is a blue/red/white striped bus with the text 'G.M. Coach' with box for sale on eBay for a whopping 2900 USD. Not sure if it's going to sell for this price though... Click here to search for Yonezawa busses to compare prices.

Dick Moon - August 20, 2010

I came by a tin model car that I believe was made by Yonezawa. The logolooks right. The model is of an early year (60-62) Plymouth Valiant, medium blue. Even though Valiant did not make convertibles of this early body style this model IS a convertible. It has a friction motor driven by the rear wheels, and apparently once had windshield wipers (now missing) that moved back and forth. The one I have is also missing the two (red?) taillights that should snap into openings at the rear of its fenders. Everrything else is in place and the car rolls fine and produces the friction "growling" sound. Does anyone have information about what I REALLY have here? Thanks.

Dave - August 17, 2010

I have a yonezawa tin toy with a pat. no. on the side and was wondering how I can look it up using this. I have been unable to find this exact toy anywhere. Can anyone help? Thank you.

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