Wilesco steam engines

Wilesco logoIn 1912 the company Wilhelm Schroeder and partner was founded by Wilhelm Schroeder and Ernst Wortmann. The name Wilesco results of the initials of the founder members. The efficient company started its production of model steam engines in the middle of the last century, which are the big sellers until today. The strong connection between steam engines and economical rise could be a reason for this.

Wilesco steam toys

While Wilesco dates back to 1912, their early business was kitchen utensils. They didn't begin producing their own live model steam engines until around 1950. Prior to this, they produced steam engine parts under subcontract to Fleischmann in the 1930's. While live model steam engines were still being made in quantity in the 1960’s, the elaborate artwork had given way to austerity, in deference to the declining market. By the 1970's, Marklin and Fleischmann had dropped out, leaving only Jensen, Mamod and Wilesco as major makers of live steam toy models.

Nowadays, Wilesco steam toys are collectible items, especially the steam roller, ferris wheel and 'atom' steam engine. High prices are paid for old engines which are in good shape.

Some stationary Wilesco models are:

  • Wilesco D6
  • Wilesco D8
  • Wilesco D10
  • Wilesco D106
  • Wilesco D12
  • Wilesco D14
  • Wilesco D15
  • Wilesco D16
  • Wilesco D18
  • Wilesco D20
  • Wilesco D21
  • Wilesco D22
  • Wilesco D24
  • Wilesco D4555
  • Wilesco M78 Ferris Wheel
  • Wilesco B47 Ferris Wheel
  • Wilesco Old Smokey steam roller
  • Wilesco D364 steam roller
  • Wilesco D368 steam roller
  • Wilesco D100E experimental kit
  • Wilesco Atomkraftwerk R200 (atomic reactor on steam)


Official site: www.wilesco.de

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Mike Chavez - December 19, 2013

Hi I have a Wilesco steam engine that is 50 or 60 years old in great shape I can't find a model number. What do you think it is worth and who would want to buy it. Thanks
It really depends on the model I guess... Best is to start looking on ebay to find your model.

Russ - July 17, 2013

I bought a Wilesco engine at an auction. I am trying to find a value for it. If it's good enough I might sell it. I found it listed on this site but didn't see one for sale. Hope you can help. It's a Wilesco R 200 atomic power plant.
The Atomic Plant is very collectible if in a good state. One was sold on eBay recently for over 500 dollars.

Greg - November 26, 2011

I just got a wilesco D20 with a blue base and i was just wondering how to tell how old it is? Is there anyway to see what year it was made? Thanks
Difficult to say... it can be as old as the 1950s! Maybe try your question at www.wilesco.de and they can tell how to determine the right age. Or visit www.mamodforums.co.uk

Tammy Walsh - June 26, 2011

its 1970,s only been out the box once, so totally complete and working, where is the best place for her to sell it? so she gets the best price?
I think eBay will do the trick, or try and ask on this forum.

Tammy Walsh - June 25, 2011

how much it a wilesco model d36 old smokey expected to sell for? my neighbour has one she wants to sell but not sure the best way to go about this
Really difficult to say, it depends on state (is it boxed, complete, still working, age, etc.) and demand. Between 50 to 250 USD perhaps.

Johnboy - December 22, 2010

I am looking for the new wilesco wi m95 the striker to go with my fairground rides cant find one yet i need an up to date wilesco catalogue thanks
Catalog: Wilesco Catalog and here the Wilesco M95

William - November 29, 2010

I have a Wilesco model D36 Old Smoky. When I search for this model all I seem to find is model D365 which looks like the one I have. Can you tell me if these are the same?
Yes, they are the same, the one you have came out in 1985, the D365 later.

Susan Devaney - November 15, 2010

I have a Wilesco D-16 in excellent condition in it's orginal box with instructions and the wrench - what type of price should I place on it to put it up for sale?
New they around 300 USD, so if you want to sell it through an auction site I would start at a bidprice of around 75-100 USD, but in the end it all depends on state/demand.

Nellie Gold - September 2, 2010

Hello, I have an old Wilsco steam engine. I can't seem to find a model number anywhere. It has a grey base and an older sticker with the name than on any models I have seen. On the slide thing you put the tablets in to make it run it has a number... DPD930702.
Could you please help me in figureing out which model tthis is. It is my fathers and he is interested in selling it. Thanks for the help,


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Wilesco D5 Steam Engine Model Kit
Wilesco D5 Steam Engine Model Kit$110.95
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Wilesco 10
Wilesco 10$185.95
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Wilesco Z80 5 Flexible Belts for Toy Steam
Wilesco Z80 5 Flexible Belts for Toy Steam$12.95
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Wilesco D18 Steam Engine with Generator
Wilesco D18 Steam Engine with Generator$299.95
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Vintage Wilesco Toy Steam Engine
vintage wilesco toy steam7 bid(s)$36.00
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Steam Engine Driven Water Pump for Mamod
steam engine driven water pump$100.00
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Wilesco Steam Engine D5 Circa 1960 s with
wilesco steam engine d5 circa$95.00
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wilesco steam engine mounted$84.00
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Genuine Wilesco Hammer M58 with Anvil Mint
genuine wilesco hammer m581 bid(s)$0.99
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Jensen Model 25 Live Steam Engine Tin Toys
jensen model 25 live steam$216.98
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Toy Steam Engine Pulley w handle Fleischmann
toy steam engine pulley w$12.95
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Steam Driven Corn Sheller Toy For Use With
steam driven corn sheller toy$70.00
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2 chimneys only for wilesco7 bid(s)$22.03
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Wilesco 2 Wheel Grinder Steam Toy MINT IN BOX
wilesco 2 wheel grinder steam$29.99
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Wilesco Table Saw Steam Toy MINT IN BOX
wilesco table saw steam toy$29.99
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Line shaft Steam Engine Pulley for
line shaft steam engine pulley$9.95
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1970s wilesco d 18 live steam26 bid(s)$102.50
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wilesco steam engine germany$94.00
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Live Steam Driven Corn Sheller For Mamod
live steam driven corn sheller$70.00
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1970s wilesco d 21 live steam18 bid(s)$202.50
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Jensen Model 85 Live Steam Engine Tin Toys
jensen model 85 live steam$109.43
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Live Steam Toys Tucher Walther Wilesco
live steam toys tucher walther$234.95
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Old style Steam Engine Pressure Weight
old style steam engine$12.95
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Wilesco Live Steam Traction Engine Old Smokey
wilesco live steam traction6 bid(s)$29.00
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Jensen Model 70 Live Steam Engine Tin Toys
jensen model 70 live steam$197.98
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Steam Engine Pressure Weight Fleischmann
steam engine pressure weight$12.95
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wilesco type water wheel mill$154.00
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vintage 50 s 60 s wilesco d 5$49.95
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Rubber Belts for Wilesco Jensen Mamod Live
rubber belts for wilesco$3.95
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Original Wilesco Old Smoky Steam Roller Near
original wilesco old smoky$325.00
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Wilesco Z 361 Flexible Steering Cable
wilesco z 361 flexible$27.45
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Wilesco D20 1970 s West German Steam Engine
wilesco d20 1970 s west german$475.00
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Air Line for Wilesco Jensen Mamod Live Steam
air line for wilesco jensen$3.95
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Wilesco Steam Engine Toy Wood Cutter M76
wilesco steam engine toy wood$32.95
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NOS Vintage Wilesco Concrete Mixer M63 for
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Aircompressor Fitting for Wilesco Large
aircompressor fitting for$42.95
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