Gebrüder Einfalt, GE, Technofix, Nuremberg, Germany, 1922 to 1977. Founded by Georg and Johann Einfalt. Oversized penny toys, comic and erratic action tin wind-ups. Prior to 1930s, toys can be identified by the initials "G.E" or "G.E.N.".

Georg Einfalt

The brothers Einfalt continued to produce tin toys in the west under the name of 'Technofix' and many of their toys were marked 'Made in the U.S. Zone Germany'. The tin toys produced by Einfalt and others in this period reflected the technical and scientific advances. As new transport vehicles like cars had replaced horsedrawn ones, new toys appeared that reflected interests in new technologies and innovations like space technology, land-speed records and new car designs.


The industry found it had to respond quickly to these changes and new models were designed and manufactured quickly and cheaply. One of the results was the replacement of clockwork and wind-up mechanisms with cheaper friction motors.

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Louise Gp - September 27, 2014

I'm looking for info found a technofix 282 scooter and its has initials DBGM and it says made in west Germany. Any ideas what the initials stand for as its obviously not the initials mentioned on this page? And any idea on value? thanks
►reply: The Technofix 282 can be worth between 100 and 200 USD depending on state. DBGM is some kind of German 'copyright' or patent on the design which has been used after 1949 (before 1949 it was DRGM).

Huckleberry - June 12, 2013

I'm looking for info on behalf of my friend who has a Technofix London Bridge. he was given this as a child about 1960(?). Does anyone know what this could be worth?
►reply: There were two sold (but for parts...) on eBay in last month for 90 USD.

Bob Hetrick - May 13, 2013

Hello,I have the #315 Gigant Construction toy

Sandi - March 9, 2013

I have a Marke Technofix Rocky Mountain Train 1963-65, any thoughts on its value? Box is a bit tattered but toy itself with two trains/key are in great condition.

Scott Whipple - January 29, 2013

Hi, I have a gebruder einfalt wind up/clockwork defeated boxer toy. I have seen them w/ 1 white
►reply: Very nice and rare toy and can fetch between 800 and 1000 USD or more.

Vincent A. Bass - February 18, 2011

Rcently I have become interested in the small technofix trains with the blue-gray and red-black square boxcars. Just found one on ebay with engine. Was a track manufactured for this small wind-up train? Can you send me any additional information?
►reply: I am not a Technofix expert, but what you can do is search for images of your train and find out what type it is you so can determine the kind of track, try this link: technofix train

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