Reborn toddlers

Reborn toddlers are hand crafted dolls to look like real toddlers. Reborn Toddler refers to a (vinyl) doll, that has been artistically customized by repainting and enhancement to resemble a human toddler. The process of creating a these reborn toddlers is referred to as: reborning.

How to reborn a doll

The technique of Reborning has evolved a lot over the past five years, as hobbyists and reborn doll artists have refined their painting techniques and added technical enhancements, such as a heartbeat simulator. More recently special reborn doll kits are available, and mechanical enhancements are seen such a battery powered breathing mechanism to simulate the breathing movements of a sleeping toddler.

reborn toddlerJust like kids, reborn toddlers come in every conceivable shape size and color - nowadays there are Caucasian, Asian and African American reborn toddlers.

Creating reborn toddlers

The technique of 'reborning' a normal vinyl doll typically involves the following processes.

- The vinyl doll is taken apart and the factory paint is removed.

- A color wash is applied to the doll body parts inside and out to create realistic skin tones.

- The exterior is painted using various techniques, to add the appearance of translucent skin tones and effects such as veins, blotching, and "milk-spots" to resemble the skin of a real toddler.

- Hair and eyelashes -usually of fine mohair- are applied using rooting tools or felting needles.

- The original vinyl body is replaced with a soft stuffed and weighted body.

- A magnet may be attached inside the mouth for attaching a magnetic pacifier. Additional enhancements may include a magnetically attached "umbilical cord", a battery powered heartbeat simulator, breathing simulator and heat packs.

- Once completed the doll is no longer suitable as a child's toy.

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yes, mail me the link to this page

Amber - April 11, 2012

how much for the toddler up there
►reply: I am sorry the toddler isn't mine.

Laura - April 8, 2012

hello i was wondering if the doll up high is for sale and if yes what is the cost.
►reply: I am sorry but the doll isn't mine and I can't remember where I got this photo...

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