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Prämeta was founded in 1945 by Ferdinand Freiherr Dr. von Soiron and his wife. In the beginning it was a company which distributed hinges and for a short period spare parts and accessories for bicycles.

In 1948 Prämeta started producing the 'Kölner Automodelle' line. In 1953 the company introduced a model of the Mercedes 300 'Adenauer' and this was probably the most sold -and now sought- model by Prämeta. The company ceased toy car production in 1958 but Prämeta is still in business.

prameta mercedes 300
This Prameta Mercedes 300 was sold on eBay for 350 USD (February 2013).

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Chun Yao Lee - August 7, 2014

Dear Sirs:3 days ago I have received the Prameta Japurar wind up model from England.