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Japanese toy producer. Nomura means 'field village', or 'wilderness field' and is also known as TN. It was one of the biggest and most prolific of all post-war Japanese toy makers and was specialized in mostly mechanical and wind-up friction toys featuring very creative designs.

Nomura was an early player in the tin toy game, opening its doors in the late 1940s and quickly dominating the marketplace with colorful and original tin toy vehicles that embodied the new paradigm of Wakon Yosai ("Japanese spirit, Western technology").

Nomura had long been at the top of their game when Astro Boy and Tetsujin (Iron Man) 28 arrived to herald the age of homegrown SF robots, and tin was the perfect material to render them in three dimensions. Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet flew in from the USA to create a perfect storm, and Nomura was right there at the epicenter.

Vintage Nomura TWA DC-9 multiaction airplane:

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Larry - October 8, 2014

I have an in the box bartender, battery operated, manufactured by nomura. side of box says "1. he shakes the cocktail mixer. 2. he deftly fills his glass as he sways from side to side. 3. the tasty drink turns his face fire red as he smacks. 4 he resets himself at the original position for repeated actions. can't find it listed. want to know what it's worth. can anyone help?

Paal- - January 26, 2014

Hello.Looking for a Louis Armstrong wind up figure, made byNomura ca.1960.Can anyone help?
►reply: Rare toy, a year ago one was sold on ebay for 183 USD... Maybe someday one will pop up again.

Julie Lee - December 22, 2013

When were Vintage Auto Series No. 2 made?
►reply: I can't find any info on the manufacturing years, but judging on the value (around 10-15 USD) and how they look like (plastic parts, details, box, etc.) I guess 1960s, 1970s.

Cl - February 20, 2013

I have a tin fire engine that looks remarkably like the Vintage tin friction fire engine bell japan selling on this page except it has 2 standing firefighters on the back a ladder that extends from the back of the truck over the windshield with a siren disk on the front hood of the truck... the trademark has Japan in a square on the left and T.N. in a square diamond with TRADE JAPAN on the two lines that make the top part of the diamond.

Dianna Garcia - September 25, 2012

I have a unique T.N wind up toy that look like mickey mouse not sure it is overall tin except the wire tin tail has a plastic insert on the tail and also the ears are plastic the mouse is playing a drum at his waist the drum has a yellow star trimmed in red when you wind it the tail spin and it plays the drum outfit red jacket lined in yellow and, striped white and blue pants shoes are red and he wearing a bow tie with pocka dots it looks very old the size is 4 1/2 inches to the top of the ears.I would like information of the value and year. Thank you so much Dianna

E.franz - March 20, 2012

I am looking for information/value of a T.N, made inJapan, friction tin toy that is a combination pistol and jet with a pilot, and a B6 on the side. Thanks.

Ken - February 17, 2012

i have a friction helicopter with piston and engine fan action with origional box. could tell me what it's worth

Steve - September 5, 2011

I have an unused TN Tank and woud love to know anything

Ivo - June 11, 2011

Hello, I live in Germany and have a Nomura (t.N) tin guitar in very good condition, I have never seen another one and I think about selling it (probably on ebay). How is the price for such a piece? Thanks for any answers, Ivo

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Barber Bear BOX ONLY Nomura Japan Vintage
barber bear box only nomura4 bid(s)ends in 16h$41.40
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T N NOMURA Tin Friction 1959 Harley Davidson
t n nomura tin friction 1959$119.10
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vtg tin litho tn nomura5 bid(s)ends in 17h$18.50
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rare ichiko japan tin friction$1,675.00
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1960 s TWA Boeing 707 Battery Op Tin Toy
1960 s twa boeing 707 battery$99.99
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nomura turn o matic gun jeep$399.00
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1965 Nomura Japan 1965 CADILLAC 26 INCHES
1965 nomura japan 196510 bid(s)$510.11
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Antique Tin Yonezawa FOX Puppy Bear Battery
antique tin yonezawa fox puppy$68.99
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T N NOMURA tin police car japan 60s top
t n nomura tin police car$399.00
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Vintage Nomura Tin Toy Friction Sparking
vintage nomura tin toy$22.24
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NOMURA TN Japanese Tin Litho Batt Op 1952
nomura tn japanese tin litho$9.99
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52 Ford TN Nomura Nikko Japan Tin Toy
52 ford tn nomura nikko japan$26.95
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nomura tn farm pick up truck$29.99
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T N nomura tin bumper car speed star 60s
t n nomura tin bumper car$179.00
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Vintage Nomura GW Japan Tin train toy
vintage nomura gw japan tin$0.99
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SATO Gangu Seisakusho Friction Motorcycle
sato gangu seisakusho frictionends in 22h$100.00
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NOMURA TN Japanese Tin Litho Batt Op 1950s
nomura tn japanese tin litho$85.00
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Antique Tin Toy Car Japan Germany Distler
antique tin toy car japan$119,397.00
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NOMURA TN Japanese Tin Litho Batt Op 60s
nomura tn japanese tin litho$100.00
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vintage japan t n nomura tin$300.00
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Vintage Tin TN Nomura Japan Friction Sikorsky
vintage tin tn nomura japan$30.00
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Super Rare 1950s Tinplate Japanese Nomura
super rare 1950s tinplate$322.96
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ULTRA RARE Red Wine Colored 1951 Nomura Showa
ultra rare red wine colored$749.00
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Super Rare 1950s Tinplate Japanese Nomura Sky
super rare 1950s tinplate$484.45
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1950 s Japan TN Nomura P D 5 Tin B O Toy
1950 s japan tn nomura p d 5$525.00
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NOMURA TN Japan 1950 s 5th AVE BLUE
nomura tn japan 1950 s 5th aveends in 12h$349.00
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Vintage Tin Friction Car 22 England Nomura
vintage tin friction car 22$8.00
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Excellent 1940s Occupied Japan Friction
excellent 1940s occupied japanends in 19h$175.00
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