Ninco Slot Car racing

NINCO Desarrollos SL was founded in 1993 by Eduard Nin and Eladio Cosculluela. Ninco's first project was building a scaled replica of the Renault Clio 16V. This model broke all standards of it's time, setting its goal as the amateur hobbyist, adult and expert. The success of the range of cars that followed this first model was completed in 1997 with the appearance of Ninco tracks. Based in Barcelona, Spain, NINCO is the only major slot car manufacturer that doesn't manufacture in the Far East. Today, NINCO is lauded in Slot Car racing circles throughout the world. The 1/32 scale cars have unmatched detail, scale and accuracy with performance to match.

Every NINCO car is an exact copy, modeled exclusively from an authentic, original full size vehicle, down to the smallest graphic detail. The cars are also used as display models by collectors due to the perfection of the paint, graphics and scale. Whatever a persons taste in performance cars, NINCO accommodates- rally, off-road, classic, Tuners, DTM (touring car), Champ and more. There's an extensive range of track sets, from small ovals to big 42" layouts, available cars, tune-up motors, performance parts, a multitude of track accessories, Off-Road track components and even 4WD vehicles, lights, lap counters, and of course the industry's strongest, lock together track.

In 1996, NINCO meticulously studied and then designed one of the best overall track systems in the history of Slot cars. They didn't set out to make commercial track that will be 'nailed' down and professionally maintained. Instead, the intent was to design the strongest, most reliable electrical, and mechanical track with the greatest surface adhesion in the industry.

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NINCO Snow Curve extension 10515 1 32 scale
ninco snow curve extensionends in now$23.00
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Ninco Hubcaps Spedline Disc 17 4Pc
ninco hubcaps spedline disc 17$20.35
show  ►
Ninco Porsche 997
ninco porsche 997$39.47
show  ►
ninco motor nc 7 raiderends in 23h$40.82
show  ►
1 32 Ninco Track Borders Inside for R2
1 32 ninco track bordersends in 23h$26.77
show  ►
Ninco 1 32 Grand Am Slot Car Race Track Set
ninco 1 32 grand am slot car$433.02
show  ►
Ninco Mitsubishi Ambulance ATV Lights
ninco mitsubishi ambulance atv$84.73
show  ►
Ninco Border 1 2 Outer For Standard Curve
ninco border 1 2 outer forends in 23h$27.11
show  ►
1 32 Ninco Track Curve R1 Inner Snow 45deg
1 32 ninco track curve r1$34.39
show  ►
Ninco Jaguar E Type Coupe Road Car 50th
ninco jaguar e type coupe road$55.54
show  ►
Ninco Porsche 911 Turbo Anthracite 77
ninco porsche 911 turboends in 18h$49.99
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LOT 4 Indy Cars 1 32 Scale plus 2 parts cars
lot 4 indy cars 1 32 scale$125.00
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Ninco AC Cobra Street Version 1 32 Slot Car A
ninco ac cobra street version$29.99
show  ►
NINCO 1 Ford Mustang Ohio 1 32 Slot Car
ninco 1 ford mustang ohio 1 32ends in 10h$39.99
show  ►
Ninco AC Cobra Goodwood 1 32 Slot Car A C
ninco ac cobra goodwood 1 32$29.99
show  ►
Ninco 1 32 Slot Car F1 Axle 70181
ninco 1 32 slot car f1 axle$10.00
show  ►
1 32 ninco corolla wrc cataluna costra brava
1 32 ninco corolla wrc2 bid(s)$13.50
show  ►
ninco 1 32 slot car chassis$5.00
show  ►
Ninco Jaguar E Type Roadster Silver 92 Slot
ninco jaguar e type roadster3 bid(s)$15.50
show  ►
model car racing magazine 3$6.95
show  ►
1 32 Ninco slot car parts
1 32 ninco slot car parts$12.99
show  ►
Carrera Ferrari 599XX 1 32 Slot Car Set
carrera ferrari 599xx 1 32$124.95
show  ►
Ninco Slot Car Set
ninco slot car set5 bid(s)$50.00
show  ►
SRC Ford Capri 2600 RS Tour de Course 1972
src ford capri 2600 rs tour de$59.95
show  ►
Ninco Fiat Punto Super 1600 Lovera 67
ninco fiat punto super 1600$30.00
show  ►
ninco classic 50616 porsche$69.95
show  ►
1 32 ninco toyota supra woodone 50383
1 32 ninco toyota supra11 bid(s)$27.00
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NINCO 1 32 50123 FERRARI F 50
ninco 1 32 50123 ferrari f 50$59.99
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