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Metalcraft toys & trucks

Metalcraft Corp. history

St Louis, Missouri, 1920 - 1938.

Metalcraft produced playground equipment (such as teeter-totters) and pressed-steel trucks and acquired the rights for producing the pressed-steel airplane of Lindburgh's "Spirit of St. Louis". The company made millions of toy truck premiums known as "Business Leaders".

Metalcraft toy trucks

George R. Ericson was the owner of the Metalcraft Corporation during the Great Depression and this company, like so many others in the world at that time, did not make it through the depression, shutting its doors for the last time in 1938.

Metalcraft Sunshine Biscuits truck:

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yes, mail me the link to this page

Kathy Sanchez - May 17, 2013

hello, I have a metal craft truck that has a white king express logo can you give me any info on these trucks. it does have metal wheels thank you

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