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McLoughlin Bros. games

Known early on for "revamping" popular European juvenile game, Mcloughlin also created such staples as "Pilgrims Progress", "Fish Pond", "Peter Coddle", and "Jack Straws". Lithograph paper-on-wood construction toys included the Palmer Cox Brownie series, also alphabet blocks and numerous educational toys.

McLoughlin Bros., Inc. was a New York publishing firm active between 1858 and 1920. Scottish immigrant John McLoughlin founded a small print shop in 1828 in Brooklyn, New York. After a few decades in business, the company became popular lithographic printers of children's books and toys. Par for the era, the company integrated religious topics into their products in an attempt to teach children proper behavior and religious beliefs. The company was a pioneer in color printing technologies in children's books. The company specialized in retellings or bowdlerizations of classic stories for children.

The artistic and commercial roots of the McLoughlin firm were first developed by John McLoughlin, Jr. who made his younger brother Edmund McLoughlin a partner in 1855. By 1886, the firm published a wide range of items including cheap chapbooks, large folio picture books, linen books, puzzles, games and paper dolls. Many of the earliest and most valuable board games in America were produced by McLoughlin Brothers of New York. In 1920 the corporation was sold to Milton Bradley & Company. McLoughlin ceased game production at this time, but continued publishing their picture books.

Read more about the McLoughlin Bros. games on this page or find old McLoughlin Bros. catalogs on americanantiquarian.org.

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Eagleport - February 13, 2013

trying to assess value to a wood frame 1901 McLoughlin Bros. New York game board. This dual sided. Top side has checkers, chinese checkers, and bowling games. Bottom side has game for what looks like "around the world" game. Any idea of value?
►reply: No I am sorry, maybe if you send me some pics (see 'links' for contact details) I can find some info.

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Vintage 1898 Quaker Whist Game of Nations
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Red Riding Hood ABC Picture Blocks McLoughlin
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Baby Bunting ABC Stacking Nested Blocks
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1887 McLoughlin Bros Grandmama s Sunday Game
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SNAKE GAME 1888 McLoughlin Bros Antique
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1888 Game of Robbing The Miller McLoughlin
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McLoughlin Brothers Victorian Color Litho 6
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