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Lone Star was the name used by 'Die Casting Machine Tools' (DCMT) Ltd., a British toy company for its toy products... Starting in 1949 the company manufactured die-cast toys for children. The 'Lone Star' name was chosen because the big demand at the time was for toy guns and rifles driven by the Western films in cinemas all over Britain.

Other early models included large numbers of hand painted figures, mostly military with some cowboy and Native American figures. Other figures were licensed from children's series and included Noddy, Popeye and Zorro.

Lone Star Flyers

Lone Star began producing toy cars in 1960 with a rapidly expanding range of metal die cast cars under names like 'Lone Star Flyers'.

Under the "Lone Star Locos" and 'Treble-0' name they produced very small ( N scale ) British and American model push along trains in 1961, followed shortly after by electrically powered working models of two British diesel locomotives under the 'Treble-0-Lectric' name. These were accompanied by track, scenic items and other accessories. The electric train models co-incided with the introduction of Scalextric and never sold well enough to pay back the investment. In 1964 production ceased although push-along trains continued to be made for far longer.

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yes, mail me the link to this page

Dayle Moyer - February 19, 2014

had this question on before, thought would try again. Looking for a 7 1/2 inch rifle, just like the Lone Star Hip Gun. This one is also chrome only has a white stock and was made by Brooks Toys Ltd of England. comes in box marked Winchester Rifle. need to complete my collection Thanks Dayle

Dayle Moyer - January 22, 2014

Hi, just checking to see if any one has knowledge of any Lone Star Hip Guns other than the two, one with a black stock, one with a red stock? Collecting 7 1/2 inch rifles, have these two, looking for any others thanks Dayle

Bengt Lundgren - May 11, 2013

Lone Star Friends.I Would be happy if someone will sell the Lone Star Tunnel in a rock to me. Regards Bengt in Sweden.

Georges Dodds - February 4, 2013

In the 1970s I had a couple of the Lone Star 'Gambler' model spud-guns (as we called them here in Canada). We had hours of fun with them, but would sometimes use beets rather than potato, so we could tell if someone was hit. However, at one time I also had a larger sized Lone Star spud gun (not a plain cap gun), with a cylinder which could house 3 cartridges, and would rotate from cartridge to cartridge when one pulled back the hammer -- i.e. you could shoot three potato pellets before having to reload. It was made by Lone Star as the cartridges were identical and interchangeable with the 'Gambler' model. I don't recall what the handle looked like, but the cylinder, barrel, etc. were chrome plated (or at least shiny gray metal). Any idea what model that would have been?Thanks.

Evan - January 30, 2011

I have the Luger Presentation Set complete with Chrome-plated Luger in fully operational condition although the chrome has corroded a bit around the hammer and cap loader. There is also a small semi-automatic type pistol that takes a two piece round. there are two of the three rounds in the set. Although it functions as it should The spring in this little pistol doesn't have the welly to actually fire the cap in the round The oil bottle is missing but it does have the diecast Special Agent badge. I don't think eBay will let me sell it there so where would I sell it and what sort of price should I be asking?
I think you should try to sell it on eBay, if they don't want to sell it, they'll let you know.

Steve - December 8, 2010

I would like to buy the Range Rider MKIII. Is it in nice shape? Is most of the finish still there or rubbed away. Condition means a lot.

Tom - September 14, 2010

hi got a lonestar range ryder mk3 with belt holster ant ideas were to sell and wat its worth

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