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Kintoy was established in 1993 and manufactures die-cast scale model and funny cars for distribution worldwide under the brand name KINSMART and KINSFUN. 

Toy Wonders, Inc. (located in the USA) is a direct importer and distributor of Kinsmart and Kinsfun diecast model cars. The Company has established distribution channels in several of the world's major model die-cast markets like the USA, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan and Australia.

...With over 100 models, Kinsmart has become the favorite choice for die-cast collectors & enthusiasts...

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yes, mail me the link to this page

Jeff Hoffmann - February 21, 2012

Looking for KINSMART 1:82 scale cars besides the '49 Woody that's produced.

Ahsan - November 30, 2011

kindly send me the detail of sale point in pakistan city lahore i interested in model cars thanks

Grace Myers - June 25, 2011

Hi. I have 7 or 8 of your cars. I really enjoy playing with them. But I would really enjoy a Chevy, Camaro. That is my favorite kind of car. If you can maybe make the kind of car i like, plz contact me as soon as possible. thanks! p.s. The color of the car doesnt matter.
You can of course always search this website for other model brands of the Camaro.

Usman - October 23, 2010

hello, I want to buy all the kinsmart car models, I am having 70 at the moment. I want Lamborghini Murciélago, Ford GT 1 and many more. If anyone is having than plz contact me as soon as possible.

S.divovich - October 9, 2010

looking for the tire for the 1999 lincoln town car stretch limousine (it's white).Don'surprise -my 3 yrs old grandsone is a very curious and lost the tire. Excuse and thanks for your wonderful business.

George - September 15, 2010

looking for 5 inch car, US Customs and Border Protection, white with a blue stripe, has homeland security emblem on it, thanks

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worldwide only USA
Set of 12 Cars 5 1967 VW Beetle Off Road
Set of 12 Cars 5 1967 VW Beetle Off Road$83.88
details  ►
Set of 12 Cars 5 2008 Hummer H2 SUV 4x4
Set of 12 Cars 5 2008 Hummer H2 SUV 4x4$83.88
details  ►
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Jaguar XK coupe silver kinsmart TOY model 1
jaguar xk coupe silverends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
Kinsmart BMW X6 sports SUV 1 38 scale 5
kinsmart bmw x6 sports suv 1$4.99
details  ►
Kinsmart Lamborghini Sesto Elemento 1 38
kinsmart lamborghini sesto$5.99
details  ►
PORSCHE Cayenne turbo chestnut kinsmart Toy
porsche cayenne turbo chestnutends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
Kinsmart 2006 Ford Mustang GT Diecast metal 1
kinsmart 2006 ford mustang gt$4.99
details  ►
VW Volkswagen new BEETLE red kinsmart Toy
vw volkswagen new beetle redends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
Kinsmart 1953 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe 1 43
kinsmart 1953 cadillac series$6.99
details  ►
Kinsmart 2007 Fiat 500 1 28 Scale 5 diecast
kinsmart 2007 fiat 500 1 28$6.99
details  ►
BMW Z8 silver kinsmart TOY model 1 36 scale
bmw z8 silver kinsmart toyends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
Kinsmart Audi A6 Sports Sedan 1 38 scale 5
kinsmart audi a6 sports sedan$7.99
details  ►
AUDI A6 red kinsmart Toy model 1 38 scale NEW
audi a6 red kinsmart toy modelends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
Kinsmart Mercedes Benz ML 350 SUV class 5
kinsmart mercedes benz ml 350$6.99
details  ►
Audi A2 kinsmart Toy model 1 30 scale NEW
audi a2 kinsmart toy model 1ends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
Kinsmart 1955 Chevy Stepside Pick up truck 1
kinsmart 1955 chevy stepside$8.99
details  ►
Kinsmart 2013 Dodge Viper SRT GTS 1 32 scale
kinsmart 2013 dodge viper srt$6.99
details  ►
HUMMER S2 SUT red kinsmart Toy model 1 40
hummer s2 sut red kinsmart toyends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
1955 ford thunderbird 1 36$8.88
details  ►
Lamborghini Murcielago black kinsmart NEW Toy
lamborghini murcielago blackends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
Kinsmart 1957 Chevrolet Chevy Bel Air 1 40
kinsmart 1957 chevrolet chevy$6.99
details  ►
Kinsmart BMW X6 sports SUV 1 38 scale 5
kinsmart bmw x6 sports suv 1$6.99
details  ►
TOYOTA RAV4 green kinsmart TOY model 1 32
toyota rav4 green kinsmart toy1 bid(s)ends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
Kinsmart Dodge Viper GTS R diecast metal 1 36
kinsmart dodge viper gts r$5.99
details  ►
Porsche Boxster S red kinsmart TOY model 1 34
porsche boxster s red kinsmartends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
Kinsmart 1964 1 2 Ford Mustang 1 36 scale 5
kinsmart 1964 1 2 ford mustang$5.99
details  ►
2007 Shelby GT500 yellow kinsmart TOY model 1
2007 shelby gt500 yellowends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
Kinsmart Porsche Cayman S 1 34 scale 5
kinsmart porsche cayman s 1 34ends in 10h$5.99
details  ►
Kinsmart 1999 Lincoln Town Car Stretch
kinsmart 1999 lincoln town car$7.99
details  ►
2007 Shelby GT500 white kinsmart TOY model 1
2007 shelby gt500 white2 bid(s)ends in 5h$1.75
details  ►
4 75 red w black fire engine$4.25
details  ►
BMW X5 silver kinsmart Toy model 1 36 scale
bmw x5 silver kinsmart toyends in 5h$1.66
details  ►
1 32 red vw volkswagen 1967$4.99
details  ►
MINI COOPER S green kinsmart Toy model 1 28
mini cooper s green kinsmartends in 5h$1.66
details  ►