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Kenner Tree Tots

Kenner produced some pre-school playsets in the mid 1970s called 'Tots'. Tree Tots came in a variety of different playsets, such as the Tree House, Amusement Park, Lighthouse, Mountain Tots, etc.

The characters were small, measuring just a little over an inch. The first -and most popular- set was a large tree house. The canopy of the tree would pop open to reveal a home inside. There was an elevator in the trunk that you could put the Tree Tots People in at the bottom and bring them up to the top. A small tree or bush was home to the pet dog. There was a car, furniture, and family including mum, dad and two kids.

Although Kenner's Tree Tots developed a following, it was difficult to compete with Fisher Price, so the line went under in the late 1970s. Some of the molds were reused when Kenner produced the Ewok playsets in the mid 1980s.

Tree Tots Playsets

- Tree Tots House
- Tree Tots Amusement Park
- Tree Tots Lighthouse
- Tree Tots Mountain Tots
- Tree Tots Sky Coaster

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Jaime Perryman - December 9, 2010

I am looking for the Kenner Tree House Dad, could you please let me know the price to buy now and if you are willing to ship to Australia.
►reply: Best is to ask the sellers. Most of them ship internationally. I don't sell Tree House figures unfortunately...

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Vintage 1975 Kenner General Mills Family Tree
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Vintage 1975 General Mills Kenner Family Tree
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Kenner General Mills Tree House Tots
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Vtg 1975 Kenner Family Tree House Featuring
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Kenner Tree Tots Amusement Park Pieces
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Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Tree House Red
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Vintage 1975 70 s Kenner General Mills Family
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1975 Kenner Family TREE TOTS TREE HOUSE
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Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Tree House
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1975 Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse
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Tree Tots Family Tree House 1975 Kenner
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Vintage General Mills Family Tree Tots Pop Up
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Vintage Tree Tots Treetots Lighthouse
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Tree Tots Tree House RARE Vintage 1975 Kenner
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1976 Kenner Tree Tots Amusement Park Rides
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Kenner Tree Tots Family Tree House Vintage
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Vintage KENNER Family Tree House TOTS Figures
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Vintage 1975 KENNER Family Special EDITION
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Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse Furniture
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Kenner tree tots family tree house General
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Tree Tots collection 2 Girls 1 Boy 1975
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Tree Tots Family Tree House 1975 Vintage
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Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Lighthouse 1977
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Vintage Family Tree Tots Chip Honey Sea
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Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Sea Captain Sailor
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