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K&O toy outboards

K&O manufactured plastic and diecast miniature models from outboard motors.

K & O outboard

For more info see Alterscale miniature outboards, this collection of K&O outboard motors or this great presentation of an outboard toy collector.

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Nick Arnoldussen - February 7, 2013

Hello,I have a mercury 1000 toy motor never used and in the box. I can't seem to find how much it's worth. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks!Nick
►reply: I am not sure but I think your K&O Mercury can actually fetch between 400 and 800 USD, but maybe more. Best is to ask the 'professional' collectors at for example toyoutboardmotors.com or Alterscale. EDIT: I see sold K&O Mercury outboards on eBay fetching between 1000 and 5000 USD.

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