Heubach dolls & bisque heads

Heubach is the collector’s name for Gebruder Heubach, a firm working in Lichten, Germany, from 1840 to 1925. It is best known for bisque dolls and doll heads, their principal products. They also manufactured bisque figurines, including Piano Babies, beginning in the 1880s, and glazed figurines in the 1900s.

The company went on to be one of the largest manufacturers of bisque dolls heads, boys and girls, and supplied doll companies throughout Europe and the United States.

Heubach doll

Heubach used various marks during its history, but the most common are: a circle with a rising sun in the top half and the initials H over G in the bottom half; or a series of dots forming a right angle in the upper right corner above the letters 'HEU' over 'BACH'.

Unmarked pieces will bear the usual impressed numbers underneath that many German companies used. These can be identified as Heubach by their quality and certain characteristics, like dimpled cheeks. Marked pieces will be more valuable.

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Marked Large German Gebruder Heubach TLC
marked large german gebruder41 bid(s)ends in 21h$305.00
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Maine Estate Antique German Unusual Heubach
maine estate antique german$155.00
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Antique Bisque shoulder plate doll Head
antique bisque shoulder plate4 bid(s)$11.00
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Large Antique Bisque Doll Head Heubach
large antique bisque doll head$20.00
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Antique Gebruder Heubach Laughing Character
antique gebruder heubach$295.00
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HEUBACH Koppelsdorf 312 SUR 9 Bisque Head
heubach koppelsdorf 312 sur 91 bid(s)$49.00
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Antique German Bisque Doll Head Only Ernst
antique german bisque doll$35.00
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12 Antique Rare Smiling Black Heubach Doll
12 antique rare smiling black$550.00
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Atq Gebruder Heubach German Bisque Piano Baby
atq gebruder heubach german3 bid(s)$79.99
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Antique Heubach Koppelsdorf Bisque Doll 250 3
antique heubach koppelsdorf$49.99
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Antique 1890 German Bisque Heubach
antique 1890 german bisque$69.99
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9 Antique Glass Eye Doll Gebruder HEUBACH
9 antique glass eye doll$450.00
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Antique German doll Heubach Koppelsdorf 320
antique german doll heubach4 bid(s)$15.49
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german antique doll horseshoe$29.99
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19 Vintage German Heubach 275 leather body
19 vintage german heubach 275$195.00
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25 Heubach Koeppelsdorf 250 Germany ca
25 heubach koeppelsdorf 250$145.00
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HEUBACH Coquette Doll BISQUE Intaglio Eyes
heubach coquette doll bisque7 bid(s)$50.99
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13 Antique Character Doll Gebruder Heubach
13 antique character doll11 bid(s)$130.19
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gebruder heubach rare 9$375.00
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heubach koppelsdorf antique$59.99
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Gebruder Heubach 8192 Antique German Bisque
gebruder heubach 8192 antique$349.00
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Antique German 19 inch Heubach Laughing Boy
antique german 19 inch heubach$499.00
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Vintage German Doll Heubach Koppelsdorf 275 9
vintage german doll heubach2 bid(s)$10.72
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Antique BISQUE HEAD DOLL open mouth glass
antique bisque head doll open1 bid(s)$25.00
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Antique Heubach Laughing Character Bisque
antique heubach laughing2 bid(s)$37.77
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Antique Ernst Heubach Bisque Head Doll 15
antique ernst heubach bisque$54.99
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15 1 2 Heubach Koeppelsdorf Baby in good
15 1 2 heubach koeppelsdorf$89.00
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antique german heubach$77.00
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