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Heubach dolls & bisque heads

Heubach is the collector’s name for Gebruder Heubach, a firm working in Lichten, Germany, from 1840 to 1925. It is best known for bisque dolls and doll heads, their principal products. They also manufactured bisque figurines, including Piano Babies, beginning in the 1880s, and glazed figurines in the 1900s.

The company went on to be one of the largest manufacturers of bisque dolls heads, boys and girls, and supplied doll companies throughout Europe and the United States.

Heubach doll

Heubach used various marks during its history, but the most common are: a circle with a rising sun in the top half and the initials H over G in the bottom half; or a series of dots forming a right angle in the upper right corner above the letters 'HEU' over 'BACH'.

Unmarked pieces will bear the usual impressed numbers underneath that many German companies used. These can be identified as Heubach by their quality and certain characteristics, like dimpled cheeks. Marked pieces will be more valuable.

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Tracey Young - November 20, 2014

I have a Bisque Baby that is laying down with a rabbit peaking over her side. She is also holding a rabbit (?) in her arms. I have yet to find this piece anywhere online. There is no writing that we can see on the base of the baby. There is the "pinhole" on the bottom though. This belonged to my neighbor's grandmother. My neighbor's mother wrote 1865 and the person's name on the bottom (that was who it originally belonged to). So we have a date, but nothing else. Any advice? Thanks so much.
►reply: If you send me a picture of it (to fabtintoys @ gmail dot com) I'll post it here for others to see... maybe someone will recognize your doll.

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