Great Garloo Marx robot

The Great Garloo was a robot monster from the Marx company. In addition to looking cool, it stood about two feet tall, and had the (wired) remote-control capabilities of moving, bending over, and picking things up, making this a very popular toy in the early 1960s.

Garloo was green and scaly, with a ridge of spikes on its head. Its mouth was open, showing its teeth. It wore a leopard-print loin cloth and chains. Its posture was reminiscent of a Ray Harryhausen character.

The toy spawned a "Son of Garloo" wind-up version.

Forty years later, it is still a popular collector's item.

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Momma Bear - November 23, 2012

My mom was a toy buyer - I got the first available Great Garloo shipped to "Shoppers World" that year. My mom said it wasn't for girls but I begged for him and she caved in. He was bad@$$, used to sneak him up on my sleeping cat and have him grab its head ha! Good times ;)

Starr - October 26, 2012

Was my husband's favorite toy.

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