Doepke toys

Charles William Doepke Manufacturing Co. history

Rossmoyne, Ohio, 1920s and 1930s.

Faithful replicas of transportation, fire fighting, farm, and construction vehicles under the name "Model Toy". Known for rugged, heavy-gauge steel construction and ease of operation.

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yes, mail me the link to this page

Ron Shortes - May 22, 2014

I am searching for rubber tracks for the Doepke Caterpillar Model D6. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Rick Sundblad - January 12, 2014

I am looking for a Boom, pins, hook, and clamshell bucket for a Doepke unit crane trying to restore my crane I had as a boy in the fifties thanks
Better try one of the restoration shops I have on my links page Rick!

Robert Mcduffie - January 30, 2013

I am looking for a radiator assembly and dash decals.Thank you
From Doepke? Try this: Doepke MT or Doepke decals.

Rose - June 4, 2012

i have a doepke usa block map it is 6 wooden blocks 1" x1" x12" you turn each boock to view 4 different maps of the u.s.a. states capitols and loc., wikd animals and where they're found, industry agriculture and activities, rivers mountains and lakes. I'd like to know the year of origin and what its worth it's in good shape on 3 sides, but 1 side has part of map missing. thanks
No idea, I'm sorry... only found this info.

Kathy Kimball - November 17, 2011

I found this cool old fire truck in someones trash. I would like to know more about it, it's a littl ruff, but not bad.It has Good Year tires, a water tank, missing the hose but it still pumps water. Only one ladder,the bell, one headlight missing. Some little boy played alot. Hope you can help me. Thanks
Maybe you can ask and send a pic to this Doepke site for help.

Okdavid - June 26, 2011

Found 'em! Purchased from for a reasonable price. They are beautifully done, a perfect fit, and come with very thin "sticky-tape" already attached to the underside. Highly recommended!
Thanks for the tip!

Okdavid - June 18, 2011

I just recently purchased a 2014 aerial ladder truck (to re-live the one I got for Christmas in 1953!). Is there a source for the aluminum running board covers (mine is missing all four). Thanks.
Difficult, but you can try and search regularly on this website for a (click): Doepke Fire Truck and see if one day an old one shows up for not too much which you can use for parts. Or under my links page there are some companies who make parts for toys.

Fred Ingham - October 27, 2010

A friend has a Adams Motor Grader by Doepke and is wondering what the value is. Few scratches but otherwise in great shape.
search for '

Jimmy Boy - September 4, 2010

I have inherited a red Doepke MG. How can I tell what year it was manufactured? Were all sold in kits or were some assembled?

Larry Ivey - August 19, 2010

In 1949 my dad gave me an MG steel model. I still have it and it is in perfect condition. NO BOX!!! Can you give me some idea what it is worth?
If you search for
'doepke mg'you might get an impression.

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vintage charles wm doepke7 bid(s)$19.00
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Three 3 Doepke D 6 Cat Bulldozer Exhaust
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Doepke MG Replacement Steering Wheel Toy Part
doepke mg replacement steering$14.00
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Doepke MG Replacement Radiator Part w
doepke mg replacement radiator$24.00
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Doepke Heiliner Scraper Tractor Hubcap
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Doepke MG Replacement Tonneau Cover Toy Part
doepke mg replacement tonneau$12.00
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Doepke Ladder Fire Truck Running Boards
doepke ladder fire truck$25.00
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Pair Doepke MG Replacement Bumperette Toy
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Doepke Unit Crane Outrigger Replacement Toy
doepke unit crane outriggerends in 23h$12.00
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Doepke D 6 Cat Bulldozer Exhaust Replacement
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Doepke Unit Crane Hook Replacement Toy Part
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Doepke D 6 Cat Bulldozer Exhaust Stack
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Doepke Unit Crane Rear Upper Pulley
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Doepke Unit Crane Boom Pins Clips Replacement
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Doepke MG Replacement Windshield Toy Part
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Doepke Unit Crane Hook Pulley Assembly
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Vintage Doepke Model Toys Rossmoyne Pumper
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Doepke Fire Truck Red Plastic Pedestal Lens
doepke fire truck red plastic$8.00
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Set of Four 5 16 Doepke Domed Construction
set of four 5 16 doepke domed$12.00
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Doepke MG or Jaguar Replacement Wheel Toy
doepke mg or jaguar$7.00
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Doepke D 6 Cat Bulldozer Tracks Replacement
doepke d 6 cat bulldozer$65.00
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Doepke Unit Crane Boom Extension Replacement
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Doepke MG model tonneau cover original
doepke mg model tonneau cover6 bid(s)ends in 21h$9.50
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Doepke Toy Truck Cast Rear Replacement Wheel
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Pair Doepke Jaguar Replacement Headlight Toy
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Doepke Toy Truck Cast Front Replacement Wheel
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Doepke MG Replacement Bumper Toy Part
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Doepke Jaguar Replacement Steering Wheel Toy
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Doepke MG Replacement Rear Axle w Retainer
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Doepke Jaguar Replacement Hub Cap Toy Parts
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Doepke MG Replacement Rear Frame Crossmember
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