Produced in Japan by Yonezawa.

Diapet is the name of a series of mostly 1:40 scale die-cast toys produced by Yonezawa toys from Japan after that company took over the Cherryca Phenix brand. While Yonezawa is best known for producing tinplate toys of particular accuracy and in the scale of 1:24-1:18, Diapet toys are smaller die-cast replicas. Their quality and realism made them popular for Asian children and collectors alike, although they have never made much of an impact in America. The word "pet" is the Japanese equivalent of "small" or "cute." Diapet toys continued being produced through the 1990s.

Other popular die-cast brands to come out of Japan include Asahi Model Pet, Miniature Pet, Micropet, Cherryca Phenix, Tomica and Collectoy. Of them, Tomica (from Tomy of Japan) is the best-known to US collectors.

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Ron Reed - March 16, 2015

I have a vintage toys komatsu bulldozer model D335A, I obtained it around 1978. It has your name on it. (Yonezawa toys -DiadetI'm looking for a new set of rubber tracks for it. Could you supply or at least point me in the right direction to get these.I'm located in the USA. Thanks
►reply: There are some shops specialized in vintage toy parts, for example Thomas Antique Toy Parts, but there are more which you can find with Google.

A Price - January 12, 2013

Hi I have a diapet h.o model 1,80 scale no. 014-09190 bullet train mint condition never used in box. Any idea of its value.Regards
►reply: One was sold on eBay in nov. 2012 for around 6 USD. But I have no idea in which state and if it was boxed or not. Search Google or eBay with 'diapet bullet train' to see what other models fetch.

Henry - December 4, 2010

I have a 1/30 scale rolls royce yonezawa toys. diadet made in japan. whats it worth? thank you.

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