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MBI began business in 1969 under the name The Danbury Mint, which was then a subsidiary of Glendinning Companies.

Danbury Mint was the brainchild of Ted Stanley (MBI's current Chairman) and a small team of experienced marketing managers.

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Its mission was to market fine collectibles directly to the consumer, and its first product was a series of 21 medals commemorating the historic 1969 moon landing. The series was an outstanding success, and the Danbury Mint's product line later expanded to include jewelry, sports collectibles, die-cast automobiles and other heirloom-quality collectibles.

MBI launched the Easton Press in 1975. The first product offering was The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written, a series of exquisite, leather-bound editions of literary classics. We became an international marketer in 1976, inaugurating our European Division with the opening of MBI UK's London office, which developed extensive Danbury Mint product lines tailored for the British market.

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Jim Downing - September 21, 2010

I have always wondered why we couldn't order the 62 vette in the color we had in 62 or the 61 black impala lite the new one i had in 61, also there has never been a die cast of the 54 55 first series advance design chevrolet pickup made and there are alot of these trucks being restored now, also have acess to a recently restored perfect example I have a collection in excess of 5000 toys in my own toy barn in my back yard. thanks for listening, jim downing johnstown ohio