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Batboat toys

The first appearance of the Batboat was in the 1966 film Batman: The Movie. It was subsequently used in the 1960s Batman television series. It was created by Glastron Industries.

Mel Whitley and Robert Hammond designed the Batboat from a Glastron V-174. They added a red flashing beacon, glowing eyes, batzooka hatches, seats for both Batman and Robin at the front of the boat, twin wind screens, a center console, an outdrive jet cover, and an aft to deck cover with a glowing Bat-Signal on the tail fin. Although the boat was powered by a Merc Cruiser Chevrolet V-6 and Attwood Corporation manufactured the hardwire, a water squirter and a jet nozzle were added to make the Batboat look like it was nuclear-powered. It took 31 days to build.

Eventually, a replica was built of the Batboat. When the Batman television show was cancelled, Glastron used the two Batboats for promotions on tours. After much touring, the boats were sold. One boat went to a Glastron dealer who was a Shriner. He used it in various Shriner parades. This Batboat was then moved to the Car Stars museum in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

A darker version was used in Batman Returns as The Bat Skiboat. Batman uses the vehicle near the climax of the film to travel through Gotham's sewer system towards the Penguin's lair. A second Batboat appears in the film Batman Forever, piloted by Robin, and is quickly destroyed by The Riddler and Two-Face. In the same film, a version of the Batplane is shown to have a cockpit that can transform into a submersible vehicle should the air vehicle be shot down. The Batboat (a jet-powered cigarette boat) from Batman Forever fit within the film's H. R. Giger-inspired biomechanical theme.

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Jason 231-350-1182 - May 17, 2012

I have a gs3 rocket firing batmobile @ batboat on triler car has red tires its never been played with has tiny batman envelope with batman sticker and rockets has4 figures everything is original and there box has minor damage as far as I know its the only one like it thatts all original for sale

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Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends
Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends$12.67
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Hot Wheels 1966 TV Series Batboat Vehicle 1
Hot Wheels 1966 TV Series Batboat Vehicle 1$16.95
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Mystery Action Battery Operated Bat Boat
mystery action battery$185.00
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Batimobile Batboat Corgi 26 cm in large both
batimobile batboat corgi 26 cm$125.00
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vintage 60 s batboat murciel$399.99
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Corgi Juniors Husky Batmobile w Batman
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Hot Wheels Batman 1966 BatBoat Diecast 1 50
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1979 corgi juniors die cast$80.00
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Batman DC 1960 S Batmarine Batboat 1 43 Scale
batman dc 1960 s batmarine$6.99
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ERTL Batboat from Batman The Animated Series
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Corgi Juniors Brand Batmobile lot of 4 Die
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Batman 1966 TV Series Batboat Collector
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Vintage Corgi toys EMPTY BOX for Batmobile
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Batman Robin repro Figures for the Corgi
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Vintage Corgi toys Batmobile MINT batboat
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1976 BATMAN Corgi Junior 2601 Three Pack
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Corgi Juniors 2519 Batmobile Batboat Mint on
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Batman Robin Figures for the Corgi Batmobile
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Corgi Juniors 2601 Batmobile Batboat
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Hot Wheels Batman Set Batwing Batboat
hot wheels batman set batwing$79.99
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1970s CORGI TOYS BOAT TRAILER for bat boat
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Batman 1966 Corgi Batmobile Clear Windshield
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Corgi Juniors NO 69 1003 Batmobile Batboat
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husky husky 3002 batman set4 bid(s)$152.50
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