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Art Deco was introduced in the 1920’s and reigned through the 1930’s, encompassing both the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression. It is an elegant style of decorative art and architecture reflective of Art Nouveau, yet with more modern sophistication. Art Deco features sleek straight lines and an element of boldness.The movement affected city styles, architecture, high fashion, jewelry, commercial printmaking, and interior design, and embraced lifestyles of hedonism, indulgence and mass consumption. 

The term "Art Deco" has its origins in the 1925 French art exposition at Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs.  The exposition was meant to be a display of nouveau design from around the world, but U.S. Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover declared Americans off limits from entering, as he felt no contemporary architecture was "new" enough.  Instead, Hoover sent experts to learn and adapt the exposition's designs to American architectural expression.  The ensemble included members of the American Institute of Architecture, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The New York Times.  Their reports along with the attendance of many American architects to the exposition address the swell of decorative treatments in American design between 1925 and 1941. 

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Art Deco Complete The Definitive Guide to
Art Deco Complete The Definitive Guide to$77.69
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American Art Deco Architecture Regionalism
American Art Deco Architecture Regionalism$37.16
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Belgian Art Deco Modernist Vasec1930 s
belgian art deco modernist3 bid(s)ends in 5h$1.94
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Hull Pottery Art Deco Inspired Stepped Vase
hull pottery art deco inspired$45.00
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Rare Camark Pottery Art Deco Lamp Brown
rare camark pottery art decoends in 6h$49.99
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McNicol Roloc vintage art deco restaurant
mcnicol roloc vintage art deco$10.36
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art deco ceramic fiurine bihlends in 6h$54.87
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Art Deco Butterfly Girl Bohemian glass
art deco butterfly girl17 bid(s)ends in 8h$81.00
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Set of 4 Antique ART DECO Vaseline Green
set of 4 antique art deco$19.99
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Fantastic Bohemian Art Deco Glass Car Mascot
fantastic bohemian art deco6 bid(s)ends in 8h$31.00
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SIX Art Deco French Crystal Flute Champagne
six art deco french crystal$350.00
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Breathtaking Art Deco Bohemian Glass
breathtaking art deco bohemian6 bid(s)ends in 8h$31.00
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Fantastic Bohemian Art Deco Amber Glass
fantastic bohemian art deco6 bid(s)ends in 8h$36.00
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Retro Art Deco Mid Century Water Decanter
retro art deco mid century$40.00
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Breathtaking Czech Art Deco Glass Car Mascot
breathtaking czech art deco12 bid(s)ends in 8h$5.50
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french art deco opalescent$85.00
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Bohemian Art Deco Glamorous Venus Glass
bohemian art deco glamorous2 bid(s)ends in 8h$132.00
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Bohemian Art Deco Glass Hood Ornament Car
bohemian art deco glass hoodends in 8h$189.00
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Art Deco Style German Waechtersbach Ceramic
art deco style german$49.95
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Fantastic Bohemian Art Deco Glass Sculptural
fantastic bohemian art decoends in 8h$157.00
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1930s ART DECO Mint Engraved Glass Vase
1930s art deco mint engraved$50.00
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Bohemian Art Deco Aquamarin Uranium Glass
bohemian art deco aquamarinends in 9h$119.00
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Famous Bohemian Art Deco Amber Glass Vase
famous bohemian art deco amberends in 9h$229.00
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Nude Ingrid Bohemian Art Deco Glass Sculpture
nude ingrid bohemian art deco$129.00
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Bohemian Art Deco Glass Car Mascot Hood
bohemian art deco glass car5 bid(s)ends in 9h$65.00
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noritake art deco lusterware$110.00
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