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ALPS made battery-operated mechanical toys (robots, cars, musical chimps, clowns, wind-up animals) and produced some of the better quality Japanese toys throughout the post-war years. Alps toys (Alps Shoji Ltd.) Tokyo, Japan was founded in 1948 and was specialized in toy vehicles and novelties. A lot of their toys were battery operated; made of mixed tinplate and tin. Space toys are among the most popular. The distinctive logo (the word "ALPS" printed on top of a mountain peak) of this Japanese company makes its toys easy to identify.

alps toys

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Many of its toys had multiple actions, for example, a convertible car would not only move forward and back, but the top would also roll down and go back up.

This ingenuity ensured the toys' popularity, and for a time, they were in great demand.

Alps Television Spaceman Robot

However, despite their success, ALPS abandoned toy making some time in the early 1970s to become a manufacturer of consumer and industrial electronics.

The company remains in the electronics business today.

Famous Alps toys are: Television Spaceman Robot, Picnic Monkey, Shoe Shine Bear, Batmobile, Drumming Bear.

alps tin toy bear
Looking for info on this bear...

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Bill Mays - August 24, 2014

I have an ALPS Jumbo elephant, batterypowered with light and remote control. Walks forward with trunk up, etc. In original box. What is the value, please?
►reply: Could be between 100-150 USD.

Jerry Ryder - August 1, 2014

Looking for info on battery operated alps indian that beats on drum. info such as age and value etc
►reply: Probably 1950s, 1960s, value depends on state/boxed between 30-100 USD

Dorothy Conley - March 31, 2014

Does anyone have any info on the pinky panky wind up toy pictured here above. I have the black and white panda bear one made from alps toy company from Tokyo Japan. Any info would be great.
►reply: I only found this Japanese page about them. Sold for 2400 yen which is about 23 USD.

Bob Mortensen - March 21, 2014

Hi there. I had the Alps Chevrolet impala police car and the chief car when I was 5 years old back in 1973. Have you ever wanted to put any of these vintage toys back in production. I collect diecast cars and I wish I had those cars in my collection. thank you
►reply: Hi, there are some Alps Impalas for sale, check out this page: Alps Chevrolet. Alps doesn't make toys anymore...

Bob - February 24, 2014

I have four wind up police dolls(Vinyl) made by Alps Co. Co. There is a French,British, American and I believe a German policeman. They are approximately 6" long with a wind up key on the back. Their heads move when wound up.Does anyone have any info on them. I can't find anything.

Daryl - November 1, 2013

Hello, I just purchased an ALPS Piasecki Mule Helicopter, has wired remote control/battery box, made of all tin, thin is one with the yellow mule painted on the tale and painted "Piasecki Mule" as well. When were these made as I dont have a year? And were there other Japan companys to make these?
►reply: There are a few similar Alps helicopters for sale right now, so you might want to follow these auctions to see how much they fetch.

James Phillips - October 10, 2013

HiI have a large Alps vintage type car-battery operatedMD 166 Lever action-230mm-140 highAny ideas on a price -looked on e bay/google unable to match one upany ideas ThanksYvette

Edie - October 4, 2013

Hi, I have a 1966 Black Knight 2 speed shifting with siren batcar in original box, have not been able to find any information on it or if it is worth anything... can you help with this?
►reply: Can't find info on the '2' I'm afraid. Last July two Black Knights (without number 1 or 2) were sold between 1000 and 2000 USD. Right now there is one for sale on eBay, but the seller didn't include 'Black Knight' in the item description: Alps Batmobile.

Khill - September 27, 2013

I have an Alps battery-op Rabbit I cannot locate information anywhere. It's got the same face and similar shoes as the rabbit listed by dogfoxy 1950s BATTERY OPERATED PETER THE DRUMMING RABBIT TIN LITHO TOY ALPS JAPAN. The battery compartment cover has the Alps logo, made in Japan and "RF" on the right side. In his right hand he holds a red metal hat with yellow stars, and blue

Glen - September 27, 2013

I was wondering when Alps Comp started making toys? My little friction butterfly was given to me at about 1955. I can remember hours of fun with it. 😊 Was Alps making tin toys before WW II?
►reply: Hi! Your Alps butterfly was made roughly 7 years after the Alps company was founded, so Alps was founded after WW II, in 1948.

Glen - September 27, 2013

i have tin toy control tower with an airplane that flies around it on a metal arm. It has a manufacturers stamp at the base of the tower but no name. Is there a link to Japanese tin toy manufacturers stamps/ logo that you could direct me to?? I would like to find the manufacturer. Thanks
►reply: Hi, this blog contains descriptions of many Japanese toy manufacturers.

Falyn - September 17, 2013

I have an Alps Toy that has the logo above and below that reads Tokyo then in roman numerals Im assuming 3 in parenthesis (triple sticks) Japan, Then below that Made in Japan. Its a black bear or panda sitting down in white overalls? With blue stripes and yellow shoes. His tongue and eyes are tin, he is plastic. He winds up then the tongue goes in and out, the eyes up and down as if he's blinking/closing them. His arms move/posable. Cant find any pictures even similar. What is he? Who is he?! Im usually pretty good at finding stuff but Im stumped!
►reply: It sounds like the 'drinking bear', but not sure. Have you tried (click):
Google images?

Tyler - August 29, 2013

I have a Bucky The Basset-Hound toy with box. It walks, droops head and sniffs, barks,
►reply: Can't find any info, sorry. Try Alps dog for similar toys.

Tyler - August 21, 2013

I have a Bucky The Basset-Hound toy with box. It walks, droops head

Darlene - July 11, 2013

I have an old man playing the guitar. He is a wind up toy and still works. His head moves up and down. The bottom markings are: Alps toy, picture of mountain and DAITO KU Tokyo Any idea of value. Appreciate your help.
►reply: I am sorry, I only come accross Alps toys with monkeys playing the guitar... You sure it's a man and not a monkey?

Lyn - June 10, 2013

I have a metal duck that moves his mouth as he quacks. He moves his beak and moves his two little feet as the wheels move the body. He has a little beanie on his head. Could you just tell me what it's worth?? I can't find it anywhere on the internet.Thank you!

Maggie - February 8, 2013

I have an Alps super sonic Concord model from around mid 70s it has lighted cockpit, flashing jet engines drop nose front wheels etc it is in good condition c/w box it takes batteries and is in full working order can you let me know if it is worth anything. Thanks
►reply: I have been looking around and it seems that -depending on state- it can fetch around 100 USD, maybe more if plane and box are in like new condition. There was a boxed one for sale recently on eBay with a starting price of 110 USD (70 GBP) but it didn't get any buyer unfortunately.

Helena James - January 29, 2013

I have a battery operated clown that plays drums. I can remember playing with this when I was around 12 or 13 yrs. We also used to have a gorilla playing cymbals. Don't know what happened to the gorilla. WOuld like to know if this is has any value. thank you for your helpfullness
►reply: Really depends on state and if it is complete or nor. Besides, Alps made lots of different drumming clowns. Why don't you check out this link which contains ended auctions on eBay and see if one them matches yours.

Tim - December 2, 2012

Hi, I have a toy that has both the Alps toy Co. and CK on the label. "Over the Field" Fox Hunting. This toy appears to be older than 1948. Any help you can offer dating the toy would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim
►reply: Thats right. The toy you have is from the 1930s. When wound the dogs and fox rotate around the base chasing each other, and then suddenly reverse direction. On eBay one was sold not long ago for 650 USD but with original box AND game sheet to set the toy upon which is quite rare.

Alice - September 5, 2012

Hi, I have a alps wind-up dog he has a spring for a tail and a cane in his mouth. He has the word alps on one side of his underside with the word Japan on the other. Can't seem to find any information on him could you help?

Kathy - August 21, 2012

I have a battery operated washer and dryer in the original box. It is marked Alps. Any idea to its value or of someone wishing to add it to their collection?
►reply: One on eBay was sold for 20 dollars (excluding the box though).

D. Helms - June 4, 2012

I purchased a 1950 Alps vintage Japanese battery operated clown toy- which works fine. However, we are missing the outer part which encloses the red bulb nose and also the nose no longer lights up so I need a new light as well. Any suggestions? Thanks.
►reply: I have a list of toy restoration shops on my links page. Maybe they can help.

Saeed - April 25, 2012

I'm a 40 years old man. When I was a child, my father bought a Concord plane from Alps. Now after about 30 years I have this magnificent plane and I want to give it to my son. I can send you some pictures of it to you. Whould you please send me an email address of the Alps?
►reply: Hello, unfortunately Alps doesn't make toys anymore, but still exists. They now produce electronics and you can contact them by visiting their website.

Ken Mayberry - April 12, 2012

We have 3 Tap Dancer's (black man) in the original boxes do you buy?
►reply: No I'm sorry I don't buy.

Nick Owen - March 1, 2012

Hi, I have an old Alps Benkei Battery Operated Whistling Locomotive in immaculate condition and boxed. It has a push button system, realistic wheel movement by cylinder, working headlight and whistle. The number on the box is no 6126. It also is described as non-stop mystery action. I can not find any information on the web or a guide price for what it would be worth. Can you help? I can send photos to help. Thanks Nick

James Harman - November 3, 2011

►reply: Sure, send me your pics to the email address I have on my 'links' page.

William Langley - November 17, 2010

I have an ALPS Tin Litho Jalopy Wacky Car 2618 that is in terrible shape with rust, missing windshild and side windows, and an electrical system that probably hasn't worked in 40 years. This is my first restoration project so I'm in a steep learning curve. Most important to me is where to find parts for this particular toy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Near mint in box alps friction tin toy
near mint in box alps frictionends in 19h$29.00
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Vintage Alps Battery Operated Fishing Bear in
vintage alps battery operated$69.95
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Occupied Japan Alps Tin Celluloid Wind Up
occupied japan alps tinends in 21h$75.00
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old alps battery operated4 bid(s)$11.00
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Vintage 1950s Alps Windup Mechanical Roaring
vintage 1950s alps windup$20.00
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vintage alps japan roaring$11.88
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orig vintage wind up tinplate3 bid(s)$11.50
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1957 Japan Tin Plymouth Hard Top Sedan
1957 japan tin plymouth hard1 bid(s)$19.99
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1955 Alps Batt Op Lincoln Futura in
1955 alps batt op lincoln23 bid(s)$1,144.56
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Occupied Japan Celluloid Wind up TRICK SEAL w
occupied japan celluloid wind$48.00
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NIOB Sweet ALPS Lovely Bunny Mechanical Toy
niob sweet alps lovely bunny$31.50
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Occupied Japan Celluloid Tin Toy Wind Up
occupied japan celluloid tin1 bid(s)$75.00
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vintage estate peek a boo$9.95
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Vintage 1940s 1950s WORKING Wind Up Tin
vintage 1940s 1950s working$80.00
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1950s Japan Tin Cadillac Hard Top Sedan Car
1950s japan tin cadillac hard$49.99
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Antique Tin Yonezawa FOX Puppy Bear Battery
antique tin yonezawa fox puppyends in 21h$68.99
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vntg boxed alps wind up tin1 bid(s)$24.99
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Vintage Tin Colorful Litho Moth Butterfly
vintage tin colorful litho$14.99
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Ltd Toy Stamp 1960 s Japan Alps Snoopy Dog
ltd toy stamp 1960 s japan$9.95
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Covered Wagon Tin Litho Friction Windup Toy
covered wagon tin litho4 bid(s)$16.66
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Vintage Tin Japan Dump Truck Bandai TN Alps
vintage tin japan dump truck$65.00
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SUPER 1950s ALPS Wind Up Reading Santa Tin
super 1950s alps wind up$49.99
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Antique Tin Toy Yoshino Rocket Fighter Moon
antique tin toy yoshino rocket$65.00
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Vintage Alps Battery Operated Bongo Benny The
vintage alps battery operated$14.99
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Old Wind up Toy Terrier Dog in Box Alps Japan
old wind up toy terrier dog in$18.88
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triksie dog magician wind up w$249.99
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1960 s tin friction fire truck2 bid(s)$11.61
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fighting bull battery operated$19.99
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