Mass production and creative marketing campaigns in the 1980s contributed to the immense toy market we have today. The list of toys introduced in the 80s is endless, and yet few have stood the test of time... Most of them have been replaced by something more appealing and advanced to today's kids and youngsters, and toys from the 1980s don't hold a candle to their pizazz. However, the children of that time are now grown ups, and many of them look back fondly on the toys of their youth.

As technology boomed and advanced by great strides in the 1980s, computerized toys became more advanced and simple robots became highly popular. Marketing geared towards children became more and more common too, as toy companies developed new cartoons in order to specifically market towards the young viewers (Transformers, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, and more). Video games also became more popular and more advanced as the decade progressed and more manufacturers threw their hats into the ring like Nintendo (NES) and Sega (Mega Drive). Many popular toys were also very expensive as the economy boomed during the decade and excess became the name of the game.

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David - February 24, 2015

I still have my Workshop Willie!!
►reply: Great to hear! :-)

Lois Faber - December 31, 2011

Workshop willie robot toy with hammer, screws, screwdriver. This toy can be taken apart and put back together. I am looking for a replacement arm and bolt an nuts.
►reply: I am sorry, very difficult to find some info on this toy...

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