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The latest comments, stories & questions

February 24, 2015 David wrote regarding 1980:
"I still have my Workshop Willie!! ..."
February 22, 2015 Linda wrote regarding Frankonia Toy Sewing Machine:
"I have a battery operated Husqvarna 1100 toy sewing machine. It was made by the Frankonia Toys. I would like to find when it was made an..."
February 21, 2015 Sandy wrote regarding Combex Squeakey Elephant:
"I have a Combex squeaky elephant about 5-6inches tall - squeaker not working but has got large flat ears and is yellow in colour - wearin..."
February 21, 2015 DEBRA wrote regarding Fitz Floyd Pelican Pitcher:
"I am looking for fitz floyd pelican pitcher head only if possible...."
February 19, 2015 Jay wrote regarding Kinsmart:
"When is the Kinsmart KT5381 2014 Chevy pickup coming out? ..."
February 19, 2015 nancy wrote regarding Waco:
"Do you have a copy of the rules and instructions for the Handy Roulette player (uses 2 penlite batteries)?Thanks!..."
February 8, 2015 George wrote regarding Zeroids Belts:
"Lou - you can buy replacement rubber tracks for the zeroids on ebay. From time to time they come up for about $18.Good luck. Does anyon..."
February 4, 2015 Betty wrote regarding Strauss:
"I haves Strauss Junior Oil Tank truck.Probably between 1915 1920.What would it be worth. ..."
February 4, 2015 Izzy wrote regarding Rushton:
"Please see my video on youtube on the vintage stuff animals I just found. Search for.....vintage stuffed animals. ..Montana ranch Toys..."
February 3, 2015 Todd Behymer wrote regarding Budgie:
"Came across a No.8 Volkswagen, a No.19 Rover 105 (green) and a no.14 Packard Convertible with black wheels and blue windshield. Cool toys..."