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The latest comments, stories & questions

December 14, 2014 Lisa wrote regarding Russ Berrie:
"I recently purchased a Russ Berrie and Company Rabbit / Bunny at an estate sale. It looks vintage, but I can't seem locate anything lik..."
December 13, 2014 sarah lpwry wrote regarding Tiny Tears:
"Can any one help me I am trying to find the 1959 tiny rears doll with blond short hair and a blue and white dress, my mum had one when sh..."
December 13, 2014 Keith wrote regarding Steelcraft:
"I have a very old pedal plane Steelcraft Pursuit Plane that is in 100% original condition. How do I truly identify its age. ..."
December 10, 2014 Jennifer wrote regarding Rushton:
"Found a Rushton cow, with bell and flower. Still in pretty good shape. Anyone know it's worth? And...it moos. ..."
December 10, 2014 Joe wrote regarding Rushton:
"I am looking for a brown rushton donkey. I think from the 50s 60s..."
December 9, 2014 Steve wrote regarding Parker Brothers:
"Do you know if anyone has posted a list of Norman Rockwell 500-piece jigsaw puzzles that Parker Brothers manufactured in the 1970s? ..."
December 6, 2014 garth clowes wrote regarding Entex Dan Van:
"I was the founder and C E O of Entex and the inventor of Dan van it was the first voice recognition consumer product in the world and mad..."
December 5, 2014 Coleen wrote regarding Rushton Donkey:
"I am looking for the Rushton donkey. My Mom missed one on eBay, yesterday. Any help finding the donkey would be appreciated. ..."
December 5, 2014 Julie wrote regarding Screech Parker:
"Do u still have the screech toy? I will buy it ..."
December 1, 2014 Barbara Gepford wrote regarding Milton Bradley:
"We need replacement letters for the 10 x 10 Up Words. We play that game everyday and have given it to several family members. Our letter..."