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The 10 latest comments, stories & questions

October 24, 2014 Michael Stephenson wrote regarding Robby The Robot:
"I have the Robby The Robot 1:5 scale talking robot. the problem is that it started t talk slow so before I had noticed the slider tha..."
October 21, 2014 carol wrote regarding Instructions On How To Play Waddingtons Campa:
"I have aquired the game Waddingtons campaign a strategy game where 2 to 4 players play Napoleon and Wellingtons armies fighting across Europe..."
October 16, 2014 Michael wrote regarding Buddy L:
"Looking for the tailgate for 1923-1929 Buddy L dump truck with chain crank ..."
October 15, 2014 Monika wrote regarding Hummel:
"I have a set of 7 M.I. Hummel Prints that belonged to my Grandmother at least as far back from the 1960's that I can remember her havin..."
October 15, 2014 Susan Zobre wrote regarding Pendelfin:
"I have been collected Pendelfin rabbits for about 40 years. I used to get $10.00 from my Oma for my Birthday and I would go to the loca..."
October 15, 2014 angela wyckoff wrote regarding Ideal:
"Hello, I have a small standing composition doll and she has her back stamped/marked "Composition Novelty Complany Brooklyn New York Pa..."
October 15, 2014 Marsha Swift wrote regarding Gong Bell:
"I'm curious as to the value of an old metal shopping cart gong bell toy. It has bells in the red wheels and the sides have advertisemen..."
October 11, 2014 Carlos wrote regarding Screech Parker:
"Hi...I actually have a brand new Screech...and was looking to sell..."
October 11, 2014 Dee Perry wrote regarding Rushton:
"To Julie - Sept. 30, 2014. I just bought one on EBay not knowing my sister had found for me as a surprise. I do not know if they wil..."
October 9, 2014 Mark Tobias wrote regarding Z Gauge:
"I am an auctioneer and just got consigned a huge Marklin Z collection. Anyone interested in buying out there?..."