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In the early 19th century, pedlars and street traders sold cheap toys carved from a single piece of wood, mainly produced by rural craftsmen or in small backstreet factories and sweatshops. In the late 19th century these toys were replaced by even cheaper toys stamped out of tinplate and die cast which were exported from Germany. Many of the toys were clockwork and were developed as a sideline of watchmaking. They were originally made in the 1830s for the amusement of adults... -> read more.

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May 13, 2016 David Tarmin wrote regarding Fleischmann:
"I'm in search of the Fleischman town and country plastic layout that fit on a 4 by 8 platform it was called the town and country super delux..."
May 10, 2016 susan davenport wrote regarding Parker Brothers:
"have been trying to find Parker Brothers Peggars and Thieves card game that is no longer being made. anybody know where I can purchase one? ..."
May 2, 2016 dee wrote regarding Ouija Board:
"found the Ouija board on Parker Brothers web site $44.98 ..."
April 19, 2016 Valerie wrote regarding Alps:
"Hi! I have an Alps mechanical indian drummer, yellow shirt and red pants, that I am unable to find anywhere. It comes with the box, an..."
April 19, 2016 Carol Freund wrote regarding Gabriel Industries:
"I have a set of pieces that snap together to make people and animals. I have the sheet that shows how to put pieces together to make figure..."
April 16, 2016 Dale Jones wrote regarding Gabriel Industries:
"I have a 1975 Gabriel Industries, inc. Elmwood Park, NJ First year busy driver first gear. Could you tell me what this is worth? Did i..."
April 10, 2016 Neil K wrote regarding Masudaya:
"I have a tin Busy Bizzy Friendly Bug with voice dashes around changing directions when hitting obstacles in the original box. can you giv..."
April 9, 2016 Mike Bannon wrote regarding Daisy Air Rifle:
"Have a Daisy Model 25 Reg number L514920 trying to find manufacture date and approx. value ..."
April 6, 2016 Joyce wrote regarding Wolverine:
"I'm so excited to find a working electric wolverine iron, turquoise handle, does it have value, besides sitting in my ironing room.?..."
April 5, 2016 S. James wrote regarding Takara:
"looking for a "Portal Of Mystery" toy. These were made by Takara circa 1992. ..."