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The latest comments, stories & questions

March 29, 2015 darrell huey wrote regarding Parris:
"I bought a parris mfg co lever action rifle with gold circular emblem on stock. centered thru circle is green shape of Tennessee with Tennesse..."
March 25, 2015 gene miller wrote regarding Alps:
"It is authentic, post WWII. Around 1948. It is a beach scene with umbrella and a goose and a person. I can send a pic if needed. ..."
March 23, 2015 Kathleen Carrick wrote regarding Combex:
"HelloI have a small collection of combex animals from around the 1950s. A couple of them have holes that appear to have been drilled int..."
March 23, 2015 Cindy wrote regarding Parker Brothers:
"Hello,I purchased a winnie the pooh game from a second hand store. I beleive it is a 1964 edition. Can you tell me how I can determine th..."
March 22, 2015 David wrote regarding Dinky Toys France:
"In what year were Dinky Toys first produced in Bobigny? ..."
March 22, 2015 Gerald Glass wrote regarding Horsman Doll:
"I Have recently purchased a doll on eBay that was advertised as a Horsman doll. The markings don't match up with what I've seen. There i..."
March 22, 2015 Steve wrote regarding Kyser:
"Hello, I just bought a very nice chimp and organ bank. Appears to be mint. What might it be worth? ..."
March 19, 2015 maxine wrote regarding German:
"Lebreght tin company in Nurenberg before wwii..."
March 16, 2015 Ron reed wrote regarding Diapet:
"I have a vintage toys komatsu bulldozer model D335A, I obtained it around 1978. It has your name on it. (Yonezawa toys -DiadetI'm lookin..."
March 16, 2015 Erika wrote regarding Kenner Tree House:
"How I can buy a tree house!!! When I was 6 or 7 I receive one on Crhistmas and I woul like to get one again!! ..."