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In the early 19th century, pedlars and street traders sold cheap toys carved from a single piece of wood, mainly produced by rural craftsmen or in small backstreet factories and sweatshops. In the late 19th century these toys were replaced by even cheaper toys stamped out of tinplate and die cast which were exported from Germany. Many of the toys were clockwork and were developed as a sideline of watchmaking. They were originally made in the 1830s for the amusement of adults... -> read more.

Toy manufacturers

On this website you'll find info on 1200+ manufactures and you can search worldwide through auctions to find that missing piece for your collection. If you have any questions or comments on toys you have or want to have, find the right page and leave a comment.

For example, if you're looking for Louis Marx toys or Cragstan, click on 'tin toys' and find Cragstan in the list. For 'Hornby trains', click on 'railroad' and find 'Hornby'. Have fun!

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