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The 10 latest comments, stories & questions

August 12, 2014 Vegas Marshall wrote regarding Stretch Armstrong:
"I was recently at comic con Boston last Sunday when I came across the strech serpent mint in the box, I think he knew what he had but h..."
August 7, 2014 CHUN YAO LEE wrote regarding Prameta:
"Dear Sirs:3 days ago I have received the Prameta Japurar wind up model from England...."
August 4, 2014 karla wrote regarding Chutes Away:
"My "Chutes Away" is still working well. However, there are only two parachutes left. Is there a way to get replacements without purchasin..."
August 4, 2014 Sue wrote regarding Codeg:
"Recently purchased a RED dodeg vintage childs metal till , would like a little history on this if possible. Played with one in my childhood..."
August 1, 2014 Jerry Ryder wrote regarding Alps Wind Up:
"Looking for info on battery operated alps indian that beats on drum. info such as age and value etc ..."
July 29, 2014 Sarah wrote regarding Russ Berrie:
"Looking for another russ Berrie dog puppet named "Spot".I have had first one for 27yrs and he's well loved. ..."
July 29, 2014 steve hunt wrote regarding Masudaya:
"i have been given a large talking Robbie but the plastic antennae are missing and voice box is missing,i've tried email masudaya but n..."
July 27, 2014 Kent wrote regarding Playskool:
"Thank you for your answer. The second image with the yellow box on the Google page, for which you posted the link, looks like mine. However..."
July 27, 2014 Kent wrote regarding Playskool:
"How can I figure out the exact age and value of a Playskool United States Map Puzzle, Model 770? It is an inlaid wooden jigsaw puzzle whic..."
July 25, 2014 Jill wrote regarding Kirchoff:
"We used a collection of over 100 tin noisemakers from the Detroit area for our daughter's wedding this month (many of which are Kirchhoff..."
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