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The 10 latest comments, stories & questions

September 17, 2014 KG wrote regarding Pola:
"Large e-Bay listing of Estate sale Pola L.G.B items being listed. Starting with US-Watertower 923. Hope you can find some hard to find items ..."
September 13, 2014 Lisa Youngberg wrote regarding Rushton:
"When I was a young girl, my grandparents got me a pink stuffed monkey. I loved that monkey and it never left my side until I was older..."
September 8, 2014 gordon wrote regarding Japan:
"I have a small boiler, piston and base of a donkey engine with the logo 'Made in Japan' and the letters CK does anyone know who made it? ..."
September 7, 2014 connie mowery wrote regarding Dreamsicles:
"are they still producing Dreamsicles where can we buy them. ..."
September 2, 2014 Dave whyman wrote regarding Del Prado:
"I wish to contact del prado in England regarding my subscription to two model collections.please send me a telephone number.Thanks in advance ..."
September 1, 2014 jamie wrote regarding Hubley:
"Have some hubley amish figurines, need any known history,lots of figurines in cast iron showing in market..."
August 31, 2014 Chris wrote regarding Del Prado:
"I'm looking sell my napoleon at war figures and the booklets to match can anyone help? ..."
August 29, 2014 Dan wrote regarding Clockwork Train:
"I have just acquired a beautiful Ives No. 6 clockwork locomotive, but the motor spring is over wound, and is missing parts. I would reall..."
August 25, 2014 Terry Klemme wrote regarding Buddy L:
"Does anyone know where I can get replacement headlights for a Buddy L dump truck? ..."
August 24, 2014 Bob wrote regarding Gabriel Industries:
"I am looking for hubcaps for some of my Hubley trucks and trailers. These are the metal ones with the red diamond shape in the middle. I..."
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